The Impact of AI on the Recruitment Life Cycle

Recruitment software is always evolving. From the first ATS’ in the early 90s to today, the game has changed significantly Artificial Intelligence brought a new level of flexibility never before seen in HR tech — and the industry hasn’t looked back since. 

AI software can assist HR teams in every part of the recruitment life cycle, from attracting candidates to onboarding new employees. Keep reading to learn how this versatile new tech can increase productivity and improve efficiency throughout the recruitment funnel.

Top Funnel: Attracting Candidates

AI recruitment tools can impact your top funnel recruitment strategy in a variety of ways and help to set your team up for success.

Showcase Your Company

Advertising campaigns are all about demographics, presentation, and message — all of which can be improved with data analysis. AI software has been seeing increased use in marketing due to its ability to take in new information and put out data-driven solutions, and marketing your employer brand is a key strategy for attracting talent to your company.

The success AI brings its adopters is easily measurable. In Deloitte’s State of AI in the Enterprise, 3rd Edition, it was reported that 46% of expert AI adopters beat out their competition soundly. Any marketing strategy that banks on knowing your number can benefit from the addition of AI — so if your organization is holding out, you might want to hop on the train.

Improve Sourcing Outreach

If you need to work on your diversity metrics or are looking to hire candidates with specific skill sets, job ad placement software can assist your efforts. With access to specialized job aggregates, AI software can determine which sites best fit your criteria — and your budget. Tools such as the PandoExchange network, combined with our AI recruitment toolbox, can rope in top talent without your team having to lift a finger. 

Mid Funnel: Recruiting the Best

A critical impact AI has on the recruitment process is creating an efficient application and hiring process that will keep candidates engaged and help move them through the funnel and into their new roles.

Screen at Lightning Speed

On average, a seasoned recruiter can screen a resume in around seven seconds. This may seem quick, but for larger organizations with thousands of incoming resumes, the process can take days. This is where resume screening software can save countless resources, and prevent human bias from entering the hiring process.  

By multiplying the speed at which resumes are scanned, candidate selection can begin faster. Removing your team from the process lets them use their time for other projects that need a human touch. Both of these benefits save hours of labor and makes your team understand that you value their time. 

Your AI software can eliminate bias during screening by ignoring irrelevant aspects of potential candidates, such as age, race, gender, etc. With a few simple categorical adjustments, your team can rest easy.

Interview Remotely and Autonomously

Interviews take both time and resources to set up. For larger organizations, AI software makes autonomous, remote interviews a reality. By tailoring questions to individual candidates, recruitment software can provide a legitimate and efficient interview experience without any of the usual costs.

Hilton found success with this method back in 2019. By using remote interview software, they were able to cut their time to hire by 38 days. No recruiters were necessary for the interviews, and the candidates reported a positive experience overall. Removing face-to-face conversation allowed some interviewees to be more open, as the anxiety of having to please another person was gone.

Bottom Funnel: Hire Top Talent

An AI-infused hiring process can free up bandwidth and improve key recruitment funnel metrics—but most importantly, it can help you land the right candidate and provide them with an excellent experience.

Improved Candidate Assessments

Pre-employment assessments can provide valuable data about a candidate’s existing skills and abilities. AI-driven assessments are a great way to gauge a candidate’s technical proficiencies, as well as other key elements such as overall potential and ability to learn. AI can help personalize the process to ensure you’re getting the best data to inform hiring decisions.

Streamlined Onboarding

Integrating AI into your onboarding process allows resources to be available to your new employees 24/7. AI chatbots, like Wendy, can answer questions your workers need answered before the next day, or simply don’t feel comfortable asking certain team members. Account setup software improves your overall UI, removing a possible barrier for less tech-savvy workers. 

AI can provide clear pathways for your employees to follow. By assigning tasks to company additions, they’ll get a guided, hands-on experience that’s tailored to them. New faces will be performing like old-heads in no time.

Add AI to Your Hiring Process with PandoLogic

If you’re looking to experience the impact of AI on recruitment, we’ve got you covered. PandoLogic’s AI recruitment tools address every step of the hiring process, with chatbots, ad placement software, and more! Our innovative tech will help you stand a step above your competition — all while sticking to your budget.

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