[Product Dive] Why You Should Look for Native Apply in a Programmatic Recruitment Vendor

Choosing the right programmatic recruitment vendor is not an easy task. When adding new technology to your existing tech stack, evaluating its features while making sure it integrates seamlessly is of utmost importance. A good programmatic recruitment vendor will offer technology that supports intelligent job ad targeting, dynamic budget allocation, campaign optimization, and big data analytics. These features will allow you to target and source the best job candidates while meeting recruiting KPIs. However, there is one feature that programmatic recruitment vendors lack that should be an automatic deal-breaker: native apply.

What is Native Apply?

Native apply is a unique pandoIQ feature that no other programmatic recruitment vendors offer. This surprisingly sophisticated feature, delivers job applicants directly to your ATS meaning that no matter where your job is published, applications will be stored in your ATS for your convenience.

What are the Benefits of Native Apply?

Native apply benefits both the job seeker and the employer. Because the job application starts and ends on the same site, conversions are 5x higher than normal, which means more qualified job candidates are applying to your jobs.

Does Native Apply Integrate with my ATS?

Currently, pandoIQ’s native apply and resume delivery can integrate with Oracle Peoplesoft and IBM Kenexa.

How Does it Work?

We can integrate with ATS’ in various layers. For example, pandoIQ integrates with ATS’ in three steps:

  1. Jobs are obtained via a feed or API
  2. Universal tracking is applied to track applicant conversion
  3. Resumes are delivered via publisher’s quick apply plugin

Once these three steps are completed, the application delivery process will be automated and streamlined.

When evaluating your options, it’s important to consider the importance of creating a seamless experience for the job applicant. The more qualified applicants you can get to apply, the more your team will be able to contribute towards your company’s bottom line.

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