Programmatic Isn’t Problematic: How Recruitment Tech Should Work For You

Programmatic job advertising isn’t meant to take over your hiring—it’s meant to take the busy work out of the process. While a programmatic system can run autonomously, it doesn’t set your budget goals or establish the benchmarks you’d like to meet. It can, however, work on your behalf to meet those benchmarks by using smart data and getting you quality results.

But how can you be sure that your programmatic is really working for you? There are a few considerations to keep in mind to ensure your programmatic job advertising platform aligns with your business goals.

Not All Programmatic Job Advertising Is The Same

The desirability of programmatic job advertising is clear: You can streamline and optimize your job advertising with minimal human intervention. But not all programmatic is built alike. Some platforms will focus simply on ad deployment, one of the main benefits of using AI-powered tech, by placing ads in more locations than a human being ever could—manually posting on job sites is clearly less effective because it will always garner less applicants and take more time.

But to be truly effective, a programmatic platform should take it further and monitor ad placement throughout an ad campaign. An effective platform will continually assess ad effectiveness well beyond its initial strategic deployment. It’s capable of collecting data in real-time; if an ad underperforms by not getting enough views, clicks, or applicants, it should enable autonomous decision-making to cut off spending on these underperforming ads and boost spending on more effective ad placements. This is smart tech making solid business decisions for you.

Transparency Is Key

But even though AI-enabled decisions can be made automatically, the process must be made clear to the platform users. A hands-off, time-saving approach is the goal, but this shouldn’t mean that all the information used for decision-making is inaccessible to you. The ability to get detailed reports, review source data, and see what decisions are being made should be a built-in component of your programmatic platform. In essence, if your programmatic is truly working for you it should be able to clearly communicate in a user-friendly way throughout the process. This transparency is key to understanding the process, ensuring quality results (not just quantity of applicants), and providing information invaluable well beyond individual ad campaigns as it empowers talent acquisition with data to set future goals and benchmarks.

It’s Not Just About Job Boards, It’s About Process

Programmatic is clearly effective in sending your job ad out into the world, but a programmatic platform can do more to boost ad effectiveness beyond blanketing the internet. In traditional marketing, testing audience effectiveness is key to improving upon creative copy and making sure your message lands well. While your job ad won’t likely be a television commercial, ad copy needs to be clear and directly reach your target audience. Programmatic can use technology to offer variation in your ad to engage and target different audiences. Similarly, the platform navigates quality ad publishers so your ad is both effective and remains at a level that will engage candidates and initiate an effective candidate experience.

Programmatic Can Help Define And Meet Budget Goals

Setting a budget is one of the key guideposts established by your business that a programmatic platform can institute to support your talent acquisition goals. Programmatic platforms can manage a multiplicity of job ad campaigns using budget allocation algorithms to make the most of your dollars, assessing where spending will be most effective.

Beyond the AI software, programmatic vendors often offer services to help companies assess their budget and provide data that offers insight into the considerations that can assist your business in setting the right budget. The right vendor proactively works with customers to manage ad campaigns, with the ability to assess its monthly performance goals.

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