Recruitment Software for Small Business and Franchises

Though it’s true that the job marketplace has continued to become increasingly competitive, there are now new tools and software available that can help your organization overcome hiring challenges. Whether you’re at a small business or a franchise, you should be utilizing recruitment software. Below we outline popular options and the various benefits for you and your team.

Different Kinds Of Recruitment Software

Before we go into how recruitment software for small businesses and franchises can help overcome challenges, let’s take a look at a few of the different tools that exist today. 

Applicant tracking systems: An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is software that helps recruiters manage applicants during the hiring process, from screening to scheduling interviews to checking references.

Chatbots: Chatbots, particularly those driven by AI, can serve as the first touchpoint in the hiring process, radically improving candidate engagement and experience. In addition to proactive candidate engagement, AI chatbots can also automatically schedule interviews with qualified candidates

Programmatic recruitment software: This type of software, such as PandoLogic’s pandoIQ, fully automates and optimizes decision-making during every stage of the job advertising process, from job classification to job ad placement to dynamic budget allocation. 

Testing and assessment software: Depending on your organization and hiring needs, you may want to give potential candidates assessments to complete. While you can conduct such things with documents and over email, a centralized platform for tests will make it simple to gather, organize, and compare candidates’ assessments. 

Video interviewing tools: Video software built with interviewing and hiring in mind can level up your interviewing process from phone screening. Many popular solutions offer a variety of options for interviewing, from recorded video responses a candidate does on their own to live interviews.

Recruitment Software For Small Businesses

In small businesses, people have to wear many hats and complete more than just one job function. That’s why those in charge of hiring need all the help they can get. Programmatic recruitment technology, like PandoLogic’s pandoIQ, is critical recruitment software for small businesses. 

PandoLogic can help small businesses: 

  • Target optimal candidates across top job boards, both niche and popular
  • Save money by optimizing job ad campaigns based on historical and real-time performance data
  • Understand what works and what doesn’t with recruitment analytics
  • Reallocate hours spent on recruiting to-dos to other company initiatives

All in all? Programmatic technology is recruitment software for small businesses that takes the guesswork out of hiring effectively. 

Recruitment Software For Franchises

Franchises may have more employees than small businesses, but that comes with its own challenges. One of the most commonly faced? High turnover. To keep up with your franchise’s hiring demands, you need technology that is time and cost-efficient. Franchise solutions that can help you build a candidate pipeline to mitigate high turnover. For many franchisees, this technology takes the form of programmatic recruitment software, like pandoIQ. 

pandoIQ is powerful recruitment software for small businesses that helps them save time and money to put toward other things. Similarly, pandoIQ helps franchises reallocate precious resources that previously would have been spent tracking down a large number of qualified candidates to keep up with turnover. Programmatic recruitment software can help during hiring surges and downtimes of a franchise with optimized job ad campaigns and dynamically allocated budget. This ensures the right amount of budget is being put behind the job ads that need to be filled—and reallocated from those that aren’t priorities. 

PandoLogic can help franchises: 

  • Improve staffing levels and quality
  • Lower cost per applicant while increasing applicant conversion rates
  • Reduce employee turnover by finding qualified and high-quality candidates
  • Stretch job ad budgets 10 to 20 times further

Whether you’re hiring for a handful of specialized roles at your small business or an armful of general roles at your franchise, you need recruitment software that can help you meet your needs.

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