How Technology Can Personalize and Improve Recruitment Efforts


Technology and the human element in HR recruiting might seem like polar opposites, but the right technology makes a more personalized experience more attainable. As recruiting and hiring professionals have worked to implement technology that makes the workday more efficient, job candidates and existing employees have gotten a bit lost in the shuffle. But with a better approach, technology can be the thing that puts the the people back in focus.

In a survey released at PR Web in December, Waggl Human Capital Pulse explained that over 70 percent of HR leaders, business leaders and consultants agreed. One of their top goals for 2016 was “Influencing the company culture to have more authentic, people-oriented managers.” Here’s how some HR professionals are accomplishing it.

Let Technology Handle the Busywork

Every job has elements that no one really enjoys. In HR, that might be a never-ending stream of paperwork, payroll, annual reviews and numerous other processes, says Brazen Technologies. Each of these tasks takes time, but much of the work could be automated. Where automation exists, HR workers have more time freed up for other tasks.

Consider all of the tasks that you accomplish every day, and determine which ones are the most time consuming. Let technology handle the paperwork and take it to a paperless realm. That’s technology well used.

Give Technology Feedback Tracking and Facilitating Duties

Feedback is important for making better hires in the future. Existing employees need feedback, and they need the ability to give it. And you also need feedback from exiting employees, says Quantum Workplace. With the right software, key performance indicators are automatically tracked. That means less time spent determining employee performance, which gives you time for more feedback. That’s the human element.

Technology can also enable employees to review managers and peers, says Brazen, and it facilitates exit interview feedback as well. Using software that automates the data collection part of the equation gives you more time to devote to both giving and using meaningful feedback instead of trying to squeeze it in among other tasks.

Technology lets you get back to what’s really important: people.

Make Better Hiring Decisions Through Big Data

You might not know what to do with all of the data that’s available about job candidates, but the right technology does. For example, candidate matching technology analyzes data and automates a part of the job that’s ordinary time consuming and hard to get right. It takes your job ad, matches it with candidates who are likely to be a great fit, and places the ad where those candidates are more likely to find it.

Technology helps you make better hires, better decisions about employee retention and it frees up time for you to become more personally involved in the parts of recruiting and retention that need the human touch. And according to Brazen, it also helps you make better decisions about where, how and when to invest your budget.

Technology is sometimes characterized as anti-human and anti-engagement. But when it’s used well, it can be the best thing that ever happened to recruiting and hiring. The key is letting technology do what it does best, and that’s handling details that do not require or even benefit from the time that it takes a person to perform them.

People and technology can not only coexist, they can get along famously. In HR recruiting, it can be the time saver that lets you engage with candidates, applicants, interviewees and existing employees in a much more beneficial way.

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