Why Inefficient Hiring is Holding You Back

In 2006, Indeed.com announced that it was debuting the first pay-per-click job recruiting program that allowed employers to create targeted ads to reach very specific types of candidates. The initial draw of these programs is that they were designed to make online recruiting more efficient. Over the years, pay-per-click recruiting advertising has proven to be just one more inefficiency in the recruiting process that is holding companies back and preventing the right candidates from being found.

According to Jobaline.com, too many companies hold onto inefficient recruiting practices because they lack the ability to get away from what they know. At 50 cents per click, it could cost a company upwards of $500 just to hire one good candidate using pay-per-click ads, and that is just not an efficient way to look for help. With technology on their side, companies need to hunt down their own recruiting inefficiencies and correct them to save money, and improve the quality of the candidates they hire.

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Monitor Your Recurring Recruiting Activities

While finding qualified employees is critical to the success of your organization, you want to avoid spending too much money in recurring recruitment activities that bring you no value. If your company is just blindly paying media bills for recruiting tactics that do not work, then you need to monitor those activities and remove the ones that are wasting money.

Recurring radio, magazine and newspaper recruitment ads may no longer be reaching your target audience and they may also not be bringing in enough candidates to justify their costs. Do you monitor how many quality applications you get from your recurring print recruiting ads? If you don’t, then you need to start monitoring all of your recurring ads to make sure that you are not wasting money on a regular basis.

Niche Sites Versus Large Recruiting Websites

If your sales organization invests a lot of money on large recruiting sites because that is what you have always done, then it is time to start looking into niche sites that may get you better results. Boutique sales recruiting websites can talk directly to the candidates you are looking for and help you to get a better return on your recruiting dollars. If you are constantly combing through hundreds of unqualified resumes that come from the larger recruiting sites, then you are wasting money. It is time to check out niche sites and bring down your recruiting budget, while increasing your efficiency.

Repairing The Process

A letter from a job candidate on AskAManager.org talks about a candidate that was excited to get a new job with a company, until the actual hiring process dragged on for months. Some companies feel that putting in the time to vet new hires means getting better quality employees. While this is true, it can also cost you employees in the process.

When it comes to a long vetting and analysis process for a new hire, you have to look at things from the perspective of your candidates. If you were waiting months to start working for a company, would you turn down an immediate job offer from another company? Most people are not going to turn down good offers from companies that will get them working right away, even if those candidates are waiting to start work for another company. Review your process and make sure that you are not losing quality employees to an inefficient vetting process.

Your Screening Process

There are excellent recruiting websites that have features which allow potential employers to screen candidates and remove those candidates that do not meet the company’s minimum requirements. There are also sophisticated recruiting software titles available that can help to narrow down a pile of resumes to only those that meet your basic needs.

The problem is that too many companies still rely on human resource staffs and inefficient outsourcing solutions to try and screen candidates to find the perfect ones. The process of screening candidates has become much more efficient, but it is only efficient if you drop your old ways of doing business and get into the 21st Century. Evaluate your screening process and find ways to do the job better, without spending more money.

Your Inefficient Mobile Approach

For some reason, mobile computing is still an after-thought in the recruiting world, and this is why so many opportunities are lost for companies to find the perfect candidates. It is estimated that up to 60 percent of all job applications are filled out online, but that does not mean that companies are necessarily getting all of those applications to consider.

It is hard to understand why, but many companies put banner or pop-up advertising in their mobile job application forms, and that will cause a lot of good applicants to not finish and submit their application. Your mobile recruiting platform is not the place to put random advertising. If you want to collect good recruiting information, then stop trying to monetize the process.

Mobile web development is evolving rapidly and there are plenty of great ways to make online forms that are easy for recruits to fill out. Unfortunately, many companies are still using the mobile recruiting forms that were created years ago, and these inefficient documents are costing your company a lot of good recruits. Invest in updating your mobile recruiting forms and you will be rewarded with quality candidates.

It is estimated that a company spends anywhere from $300 to $500 just to collect enough applications to hire one employee. If your company has a turnover rate of 50 percent or more, then you are wasting thousands of dollars every year to bring in employees to keep your business going.

If you want to help your business grow, then you need to re-evaluate your recruiting practices and start letting technology help you to become more efficient. Instead of doing inefficient recruiting activities just because that is always how your company has done things, it is time to start updating your recruiting process and save thousands of dollars at the same time.

What should a company primary focus be when reevaluating their recruitment process?

George N Root III is a professional freelance writer who has expertise in topics such as Internet marketing, business, advertising, and personal finance.

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