3 Ways to Maximize Your Job Board’s Career Center

Running a job board these days isn’t as simple as soliciting listings from employers and resumes from job seekers. While such simplistic tactics may have worked in the past, Internet technology has dictated that more advanced features be offered in order to succeed, both in receiving advertising revenue and securing job placement for candidates. Below are three things that your job board needs to be doing in order to attract employers, job seekers, and association members:

1. Provide the Opportunity for Company Reviews

When job seekers are on the hunt for the next step in their careers, they want to know what they are getting themselves into, and one way they do this is to ask for reviews from others who work for or have worked for companies to which job seekers are interested in applying. As a result, it would be a good idea to allow users of your job board site to review companies and associations of which they have been employees or members of in order to increase the knowledge of job seekers.

This tactic can also increase employer job listings as employers will want to not only put their best feet forward, but they will also want to monitor what current and previous employees have to say about their time with each company. Be mindful, however, that offering this feature may open the door to scammers and trolls. Each review needs to be vetted for accuracy and fairness.

2. Offer a Message Board

Another way to entice usage of your job board site by job seekers, employers, recruiters, and potential trade association members is to offer a forum through which users can discuss various topics, including job seeking, interview tips, how to deal with various work situations, and more. Offering such an outlet will encourage users to check back in with your job board site more often, and it will give employers a space where they can answer questions, recruit talent, and promote their brands.

3. Deliver Premium Content

You can also consider creating premium content for users of your job board site in the form of videos, presentations, e-books, blog posts, and newsletters. This content can be free, but it might make more sense to provide your site’s users with an option to upgrade their accounts in order to access such content. You might also think about offering a free trial period so that users can view a portion of your job board site’s premium content before committing to a subscription.

To generate more revenue and interest, either charge a fee for employers to post their own highlighted premium content, or require some commitment from job seekers in order to access specific content from certain employers. The goal here is to establish your job board site as an authority, but also as a destination where both employers and job seekers go to not only list and apply to jobs, but also where they catch up on the latest trends in careers, industries, and more.

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