8 Top Strategies for Job Board Branding on Social Media

You probably know all about posting on social media. But using social and capitalizing on all of its opportunities for job board branding are very different things. Social media offers a depth and breadth of audience reach that’s not possible with any other marketing strategy, at least not without a multi-million-dollar budget.

Want to become one of the best job search sites? Pick up these social media strategies and watch your marketing efforts take off.

#1: Begin With the Right Social Networks

First things first: decide on the best social media networks for the audience you want to reach. Then claim your name to prevent anyone from posing as you. LinkedIn is a natural professional social media choice, but don’t assume it’s the best.

Telecommunication construction pros might use Facebook, but skip LinkedIn and Twitter. And according to Recruiting Daily, “even LinkedIn doesn’t use LinkedIn” to connect with certain industry professionals. Search platforms for evidence of relevant candidates. Then focus your efforts on the channels where they spend the most time.

#2: Fill in Every Profile Detail

Social media offers plenty of opportunities to promote your job board. So use all of them to their fullest, beginning with the social profile. Marketing blogger, Kristi Hines, says at KissMetrics, “Think of each social media profile you create as a landing page for your brand.”

What should yours include?

  • Your name and username
  • A profile picture or job board logo
  • As many links as you’re allowed (link to you job board, other social networks, your blog, etc.)
  • An engaging bio. Evan Carmichael has a good tutorial here.
  • Interests, including books and TV shows. You’ll get more keyword space and have a chance to connect with more of your audience.
  • Privacy settings. Make sure everything you want to be public is always viewable by the public.

#3: Send a Dependable Visual Message

“Visuals play an important part in social branding.” That’s what SpoutSocial says. So aim for a cohesive look across platforms. Your audience should recognize your presence at a glance, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Here’s what SproutSocial recommends:

  • Pick a color scheme and stick with it
  • Use a consistent logo or avatar
  • Use image filters, such as a vintage or chrome filter, consistently. Or skip filters altogether.
  • Build image templates in Photoshop or another program to keep fonts, filters, etc. consistent.

A brand voice lets everyone on your team stay consistent.

#4: Use a Consistent Brand Voice

Just as images should stand out as uniquely you, so should your job board brand voice on social media. That’s challenging if several people write for your blog and create social media recruiting posts. It will probably take time to develop. But SproutSocial says your “social media voice” should:

  • Represent your company culture
  • Resonate with your audience
  • Relate to your brand in an authentic way

#5: Create an Editorial Calendar (And Stick With It)

In social media marketing, consistency pays off. You don’t have to post freshly written job board content every day. But you should post or share something. An editorial calendar helps keep posting on track. CoSchedule has a free downloadable kit that helps pull it together. What are the advantages?

  • Stay organized across different social channels
  • Create deadlines to keep you on track
  • Waste less time wondering what to post
  • Enjoy a more effective campaign

#6: Take Advantage of Searchable Hashtags

Hashtags make the social media world go ’round. At least with most platforms. They don’t work on Snapchat. But at LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, you can get a lot of searchable mileage from them.

Once you have a following, you can create your own hashtags. But until then, search social platforms for relevant hashtags that get attention. Then use them in everything you post. Your posts will be more searchable, so more of the people you want to reach will find you. Check out these hashtag tips from social media pro, Scott Ayers at PostPlanner.

#7: Share, Share, Share

Want to know how to build a brand [link to Hub Page: No, Social Media Won’t Kill Your Job Board] on social media? Share, and share often. “In its purest form, social media is a sharing medium.” That’s what Madgex says.


  • Job ads
  • Content that’s relevant to local job seekers
  • Whitepapers
  • Your blog posts
  • Other relevant blog posts
  • News stories with industry relevance
  • Social posts from industry thought leaders
  • Company culture photos and videos
  • Anything that resonates with your audience

The more you share, the more shares you’re likely to get in return. And be sure to engage with your audience. If they ask questions or make comments, be ready with answers.

#8: Connect With Industry Influencers

Social media is also for networking. While you want to promote your job board as much as possible, keep it balanced. Madgex says you should avoid too much self-promotion. And SproutSocial says connecting with influencers is one way smaller names can grow a big following.

“Influencer marketing allows you to piggyback off the audience that established people in your industry have already built. Since the influencer has already earned the trust and respect of their audience, getting a co-sign or mention from them carries a lot of weight.” – SproutSocial

Social media is one of the best job board marketing and advertising values going. Where else can you find and connect with the people you need without spending a penny? For a little investment in advertising and featured posts, you’ll get even more exposure.

The trick is using social media the right way. You can claim a business profile and post job ads as they come available. Or you can hone a social media strategy that amplifies all of your best efforts. Subscribe to Recruitment ADvisor and we’ll show you how.

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