The Globalization of the Job Board

According to, the United States dominated the early job board market with a slew of general online recruiting websites that served a very important purpose. It was those initial online job boards that taught the public how to use the Internet to find a job, and it was those job boards that convinced employers that the Internet was an effective way to find a quality employee.

Thanks to the work done by that initial wave of big job boards, LinkedIn reports that employers now do more hiring from websites than any other form of recruiting. In recent years, the big Internet job boards have had plenty of competition from aggregators and niche job boards that can offer employers very specific types of candidates. Along with competition from American websites, the big job boards may now have to worry about foreign job boards that want to expand and start taking over the international recruiting world.

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Why International Recruiting?

The Internet and air travel have made the world a much smaller place, and it is no longer unusual for a computer genius in India to take a lucrative position in California. Up until now, the ability of companies to find good international talent was hit or miss. Either the talent went out of their way to apply to American companies, or the Internet brought the employer and international employee together.

The almost random nature of international recruiting has prompted many foreign job boards to start looking at expanding and offering services around the world. According to, the African Internet recruiting website EverJobs is looking to expand to a variety of other African countries in the near future to help move towards a global presence. Tech niche job boards such as HasJob and Babajob are doing an excellent job at bringing Indian tech talent and America companies closer together.

So What Is The Future?

International recruiting is still in its infancy, but the rise of niche job boards in the United States has helped to shine a light on the potential for successful global job boards. In countries such as Spain and the UK, recruiting agencies are starting to expand their reach throughout Europe, and many of the more successful job boards are seeing an influx of revenue and outside investment funding that could help them to start bridging the employment gap between the United States and the rest of the world.

Global recruiting is not something new, but the idea of developing websites dedicated to global recruiting is just starting to take hold around the world. The risks are steep as employers and advertisers want to see international job boards that can effectively bring together employers and employees around the world before they will invest any money, but the upward trend in international job board business shows that the future of Internet recruiting and job boards could be global.

George N Root III is a professional freelance writer who has expertise in topics such as Internet marketing, business, advertising, and personal finance.

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