Prepare for the 2014 ERE Recruiting Conference and Expo


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The 2014 ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo is coming up ,and it’s a great place to learn more about current industry trends and tips for recruiting.

Conferences are great places for networking and building relationships. They also give peers a chance to learn from each other, which is the best way to help businesses grow. The 2014 ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo is coming up in San Diego. Between April 22 and 24, 2014, you could learn more about the current industry trends and tips for recruiting.

About ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo

This is the 14th year of the annual conference and expo, and will be held in San Diego this year. It is the place for all recruiting professionals to be, whether they run a department, control the budget, manage a team or simple have the responsibility of acquiring more talent for the business. Since 2013 it has been exclusive for those in these job roles.

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There are various talks during the two and a half day event, with a full agenda on the website. However, this is also a chance to network with peers and discuss your own techniques while sharing insights.

The Agenda for the ERE Recruiting Conference & Expo

This year’s conference promises to share all the latest trends in the industry, as well as include a special focus on recruiting. In fact, the first full day of talks is about the current state of recruiting, with everything that corporate recruiting leaders need to know about it. All the information has been gained from recruiting technologies, consultants, front-line recruiters, and many more experienced professionals to get all the important and relevant tips.

Most of the two full days are taken up with recruiting workshops, and they cover different industries and areas of business. There are tips for college recruiters, finding talent in the tech area and general strategies for all throughout the day. Other sections cover branding and using data from the industry.

Questions About the 2014 Conference

Learn more about recruitment by listening to knowledgeable speakers.
Learn more about recruitment by listening to knowledgeable speakers.

It is common to have questions surrounding the various events on the agenda and the benefit you could gain by attending the two and a half day conference. There are different ways to contact the organizers of the event, whether you prefer phone, email or a mail.

The two main email addresses are and However, there is also a contact form on the ERE website, which also has the phone number and mailing address. You can find the Contact Us page.

Registering for the ERE Conference

Registration is extremely simple and for in-house recruitment or HR professionals can be completed through the website. Until February 7, 2014, you can save $300 on the conference costs. This is the perfect time to make the decision to go and reserve your spot. If a large group is attending, there are other discounts that can be applied at the time of booking. The website details all these, or you can contact the event organizers for more information.

There are spaces for others who may want to attend the conference. However, these spaces are limited so it means contacting the organizers. Phoning is the best option, but you can use the online contact form, email addresses or mailing addresses if you prefer. They are available on the Contact Us page mentioned above.

Reserve your spot today and make 2014 your recruiting year.

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