How 2015 Shaped the Job Board Industry

Now that 2015 is in our rear view mirror, we can take a look back at the trends that shaped the year and try to anticipate how those trends will affect the future. Job boards definitely had a difficult time keeping up with changes in 2015, as it proved to be a very dynamic year for recruiting and Internet technology. The biggest trends that affected 2015 look to be relevant in 2016, which means that job board owners need to stay updated on the biggest changes from the last 12 months.

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Adjusting To The Lack Of Talent

According to, the improving American economy means that there are less and less employment candidates available to fill a growing number of positions. Job boards have been forced to develop new ways to create efficient lists of candidates for clients, to help clients get more from their recruiting efforts. The dwindling talent pool in this country will continue to cause problems in 2016, and will force job boards to take very different approaches to matching up companies and potential employees.

Using Videos Instead Of Resumes

U.S. News and World Report talks at length about how technology is changing recruiting, and one of the most popular tools of 2015 was video resumes. There are websites appearing throughout the Internet that specialize in helping candidates to create videos that will appeal to recruiters, and then finding recruiters to watch those videos. If job boards want to keep pace with this growing trend in 2016, then they will need to start adapting their sites to be able to utilize videos in prominent ways.

Niche Job Boards Continue To Grow

It was apparent in 2015 that niche job boards are becoming more popular, especially in the technology fields. The job boards that focus specifically on one type of industry make it easier for recruiters to find candidates with the right qualifications. The need for specialists in a wide variety of industries is also increasing, which is helping to fuel the need for accurate and efficient job boards that can bring together companies and the talent that they are looking for.

Advancing An Employer’s Brand

Employers are starting to realize that they need to make their company attractive to potential employment candidates if they want to attract good talent. In 2015, the idea of enhancing a company’s brand to find good employees started to become extremely popular. Towards the end of 2015, the more progressive job boards started offering services that improved an employer’s image in the eyes of potential candidates. This is one 2015 trend that could become extremely important in 2016.

Every job board wants to learn from the trends of the previous year to be more competitive in the years ahead. There were a lot of changes in 2015 that will affect how employers and candidate use job boards in 2016 and beyond. Job board owners will want to adapt to be able to continue to draw the revenue-generating traffic they need to grow.

With the emerging trends, how can Real-Time Job Matching help job boards overcome the dwindling talent pool?

George N Root III is a professional freelance writer who has expertise in topics such as Internet marketing, business, advertising, and personal finance.

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