How to Offer Coupons to Your Online Readers

For publishers, the old days of enjoying a 65 percent subscriber rate of American households is dead. The days of housewives cutting out coupons for bargains in local stores is dying right along with it. As media shifts online, however, coupons are still a valuable revenue stream to correlate with digital content – one that is all too often overlooked by publishers and online news providers .

Online readers appreciate digital coupons
The days of cutting coupons are coming to an end, but publishers profiting from them aren’t.

Coupons Inc. partnered with Brandcaster to offer publishers a chance to add coupons to their websites for online readers, offering a valuable service for their subscribers and an often-missed source of revenue for themselves. The model is simple and wonderfully effective: The publisher adds Brandcaster’s ”Savings Center” – a suite of customizable and changeable coupons – to their website, and every time a subscriber prints a coupon, the publisher gains a commission. offers a coupon affiliate program that puts a comprehensive coupon sidebar right on your website. Your visitors and subscribers can then browse the coupons available to them, which the publisher can customize and change at will -you can also choose the size and location of the sidebar. When a subscriber makes a purchase, the website’s publisher gets a commission. Setup is as simple as cutting and pasting some html code.


Coupontank takes a different approach to allowing publishers of digital news to increase revenue by adding coupons to their site for their readers to use. The program gives your website its own sliding tab, which moves in and out of the reader’s view when the cursor moves over it, minimizing and expand your own personalized coupon tab. You can embed your own coupons and if you want an even simpler setup, Coupontank will set up your own page for you for your website with a branded layout of the coupons that you have decided to offer.

BeFrugal offers a widget that attaches itself to your website through an easy html grab. The widget is customizable down to the color. BeFrugal goes the extra mile by making sure the coupons your site offers are constantly up to date. The publisher gets paid a commission by signing up for an affiliate account.

Offer coupons to engage online readers
Coupons are an underutilized stream of revenue for online publishers.

For a long time, coupons were clipped out of newspapers every day with scissors, leaving the scraps in a trash heap as the ink-stained fingers of mothers and wives brought them into their local store to save money. As media goes digital and gender shopping demographics shift, it’s easier than ever for online readers to save money with coupons. In an age where publishers need to find money wherever they can, monetizing through coupons is a great place to look.

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