Bottlenose and Critical Mention Combine Analytics Across Broadcast and Social

It’s not difficult to spot trends on social media. Facebook and Twitter, for example, display trending topics on the sidebar.

Trends on radio and television are a little more tricky to spot. Still, a lot of that information can be gleaned from the entertainment reports.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an analytics tool that spotted trends that cut across social media, radio, television, and even online blogs all at once? Fortunately, such a tool now exists.

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A New Joint Venture

Bottlenose, a trend intelligence company, and Critical Mention, a company that monitors media trends, have joined forces to produce an analytics tool that spans that gamut of entertainment, news, and online media.

Dave Armon, the president of Crticial Mention notes that television and radio analytics had been missing from all of the major social media tools. He says that Bottlenose is attempting to plug that gap by incorporating the Critical Mention application programming interface (API) with one of its products, called Nerve Center. That will enable Nerve Center to deliver information about trends in older media such as radio and television.

“Nerve Center is a social media visualization platform that helps companies see what words are mentioned alongside products, executives, and brands in social, but until today, they never had mainstream media [included] in terms of TV or broadcast coverage,” according to Armon. “Previously, Bottlenose users might have seen people tweeting about an episode of Scandal, but they didn’t have access to the video everyone was talking about. Now they can see the segment everyone went crazy about on Twitter.”

Lots Of Channels, Literally

Thanks to the integration of the Critical Mention API, Bottlenose users will have access to information gleaned from about 2,000 broadcast media channels in the United States, Canada, and even the Middle East. They’ll be able to clearly see which of the trends in those channels are causing a stir in social media.

Nova Spivack, the CEO and co-founder of Bottlenose, says that the analytics tool is also taking advantage of a key capability provided by Critical Mention: it’s ability to process about 40 hours of video in one minute.

A History Of Success

Spivack also notes that the Nerve Center application has been used successfully in the past for crisis management. Major travel and beverage brands have used the analytics tool to detect problems early on. As a result they were able to take corrective measures before things got out of hand. Spivack adds that the analytics provided were also used to determine whether or not the companies should engage during a crisis.

“Sometimes brands take a kneejerk reaction and they engage right away; that adds fuel to the fire,” says Spivack. “Sometimes we can see a problem is going to go away on its own and engaging too much may actually perpetuate it.”

The Nerve Center application has already been used by household name companies including PepsiCo, General Motors, and Warner Brothers. It’s been used for major evens like the Academy Awards, the Super Bowl, and the Grammys.

The new analytics tools has been on the market since March.

If you’re interested in learning more about cross-channel analytics, feel free to contact us. We’d love to share what we know.

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