1 in 4 Smartphone Users Now Have Local TV News App

It’s no surprise that mobile usage continues to rise. In fact, 50% of all adult Americans now own smartphones (up from 36% just two years ago). Local TV news apps seem to be riding this wave to the top, with 1 in 4 US smart phone owners having a local TV station’s mobile application installed on their phone, according to a recent survey by StepLeader.

TV News Apps have risen to the #2 source for local news.
TV news Apps have risen to the #2 source for local news.

Coinciding with several other recent studies, 47% of respondents reported local TV news broadcasts as their primary source of local news, with local TV news apps coming in second place with 17%. Usage follows suit, with 92% of the mobile app owners using the app at least once per week, and 32% using the app for local news 7 times per week. TV remains slightly ahead at 36% of survey respondents watching local TV 7 times per week.

As mobile trends continue upward, several media outlets report TV being positioned perfectly to take advantage of the movement. As MediaPost reports, local TV broadcasters are expected to diversify their offerings from pure news to relevant information that engages their audience across all platforms (for instance – local recruitment).

The television audience will be increasingly mobile, with the rise of tablets as a dominant force. Local television is well-positioned to take advantage of these shifts in the media landscape. A great deal of content that television stations already have, from local weather to rush-hour traffic updates, is well suited for mobile/tablet platforms.”

– MediaPost, Local Television is a Smart Bet

These positive steps for mobile also mean more advertising opportunities for local TV. Across all platforms – online/ website, mobile, and TV – engagement will increase for those broadcasters who properly prepare.

Of TV news app owners, 62% are between 30 and 60 years old and most reported using the app for breaking news, local news, and weather. Statistics and consumer information like this is vital for broadcasters to target the mobile and online audience with relevant advertising.

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