TV Ranked Number One Media Source for News

For most Americans, at one point or another throughout your day you are going to try to obtain relevant news or information. Whether it be from surfing the web, listening to the radio, or just browsing on your smart phone. With so many sources available for people to obtain news, which one ranks highest among them all?


The internet provides an endless amount of information, which can be accessed virtually anywhere with the popularity of smart phones and mobile tablets. According to The Media Audit’s National Radio Format Report, Radio still has a commanding presence in the market place with an estimated 22.5 million listeners among 80 markets it measures. Print continues to have a strong sense of trust among 65+ who still prefer newspapers to any other media sources. So with the many options available, which source do Americans use the most?

A recent survey conducted by the Gallup concluded that overall, TV is the most used outlet for news within the nation at 55%. The runner up was internet at 21%, next was print at 9% with radio right behind at 6%. The survey consisted of roughly 2,048 adults nationwide between June 20-24.

While the internet may be a growing source for younger people, 50% of those in both the 18-to-29 and and 24-39 demos say TV remains their main source.”

Media Daily News, Media Post News

TV stations can leverage this research to entice local and national advertisers by providing a captivated audience. The survey does, however, site that the internet is gaining popularity especially among younger generations. One method that would help develop a TV station’s online audience presence while offering a valuable service to the local community is recruitment advertising. Online recruitment ads provide relevant and valuable content for your site, while bringing job seekers and employers together in a much more effective manor – on your TV station’s site.

With the internet in second place for the most used news outlet, the smart thing for broadcasters to do is strengthen their digital strategy. If TV is in first place, and that content can be shared online in second place, TV can theoretically own both spots.

Now is the time for TV to invest in digital initiatives to engage & develop their online audience, strengthening their overall brand and value to the community.

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