Facebook Changes the Advertising Game Again

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Facebook puts news before advertisements, so it’s time to play it at its own game.

Facebook has changed its advertising algorithm again! This time the social media website wants more emphasis on the news that takes people off site, so those advertising posts aren’t going to be noticed as much. It’s up to advertisers and business owners to change the way they market their business. But how does it change your advertising game? The good news is that it isn’t all bad for you! Here’s are the new advertising for publishers tips that you need to follow.

People Want Interesting and Relevant Content

Social media users are fed up of seeing all the blatant advertising and marketing. They want interesting posts that speak to them. Facebook changing the advertising game again is just a way to give people the thing that they prefer, and it’s telling you exactly what your audience wants.

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You can change your marketing by offering interesting and relevant content. It could be in the written form or as a video or even image. Whatever it is, make sure it tells your audience a story and helps them in their needs. The more meaningful it is, the more likely the people are to share it and you’ll find more people start following you.

Monitor Your Posts to See What’s Shared

Take the time to look at your different posts. You’ll be able to see just which ones are doing better than others. See which ones get shared most, those that receive the most comments and likes and the types that get more views. Once you know the type of posts that do well for you, you can create more of them for your audience.

Find out which content people really like and use the knowledge to your advantage.
Find out which content people really like and use the knowledge to your advantage.

It’s also worth looking into the type of content that your target audience is viewing. You’ll know this by seeing the type of content is popping up in your newsfeed. Take a look at what is trending on the site at the time and the similar content to yours that is being shared.

Make Sure You’re Worth the Interruption

Your posts will show up on someone’s newsfeed in between the posts from their friends. It is interrupting their regular conversation, almost like if you walked up to them in the street and physically interrupted their conversations. Make sure that interruption is worth their time.

The content needs to be something that they would find interesting and engaging. An image attached is beneficial, but it needs to be relevant to the content and your industry. It also needs to be inviting and interesting, making people want to find out more. The more engaging and inviting your content is, the more your audience will share it and interrupt their friends’ newsfeeds.

There’s no point in complaining that Facebook is changing the advertising game. It’s doing it to make the social networking site something that people want. It’s more sociable and offers them things that they want to read. The good news is that you can change your advertising for publishers to work with that. You can create content that will appear in their feed and comes across as inviting and something that they must read.

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