4 Reasons You Need New Software For Your Job Board Platform

Maybe your job board software is chugging along perfectly fine, thank you. Perhaps you’re confident that you can handle it on your own. That may be true. But can your current setup deliver consistently better results? And do you have access to the largest recruitment ad network in North America?

If not, then your job site platform probably needs better software. A job board partner is the best way to get it. That way, the technology side is taken care of while you get down to the business of managing a more profitable job site platform.

Check out this infographic that covers the high points of choosing the best partner.

And here are 4 reasons why it’s a smart idea:

#1: The Latest Tech Makes Job Boards Perform Better

Technology can make or break a job site on many different levels. A lack of customization options hurts your branding efforts. Not enough exposure and traffic, and your revenue will careen down the mountain. That’s why job board software matters so much.

When you work with a reputable job board provider – one that delivers results – the technology boosts performance instead of hurting it.

It’s not the size of the job board that matters, either. Cutting-edge technology isn’t just for the high rollers. Some of the behemoths have recently seen revenues drop year over year.

Meanwhile, white-label job boards with job-matching technology from RealMatch make the experience better for publishers, advertisers and candidates. It drives performance on all fronts.

#2: Better Technology Turns Pain Points Into Successes

A few issues or pain points echo throughout the job board industry:

    • Driving consistent traffic
    • Meeting advertiser expectations
    • Delivering applicant volume
    • Delivering quality applicants

Fortunately, pain points are solvable. Angel investor and independent trader, Jeffrey Carter, says they can open up whole new opportunities. When common problems are ironed out, you’ve got a marketing edge over the competition who hasn’t found a good solution yet.

Technology such as real-time candidate matching, predictive analytics and programmatic ad sales bring solutions to pain points that some of the best job boards have in common. And that helps big and small job boards stand out instead of languishing in a giant’s shadow.

#3: A Job Board Provider Makes Optimization Easy

Not all job board providers are the same. But they all have similar goals. With RealMatch, it’s straightforward: making the experience better for all parties so that everyone is happier. And that’s accomplished through four distinct approaches.

Job Board Software

    • Allows employers to recruit efficiently
    • Gives job seekers a better shot at finding the right job
    • Automates e-mail marketing
    • Provides comprehensive data analytics and reporting
    • Is mobile-ready

Real-Time Job Matching™

    • Skills and job matching for employer and job candidates
    • Automatic employer and candidate updates for consistent, round-the-clock matching
    • Self-learning “AI” technology
    • Matches the right candidates with the right jobs, reducing or eliminating searches
    • Natural language processing to identify more matches

Watch how job matching works:

TheJobNetwork™ Job Ad Distribution

    • Enormous ad distribution to niche job sites, aggregators, search engines and social media
    • Higher ranking job postings through posting optimization
    • Targeted distribution that adapt to different campaigns
    • Real-time campaign management

Big Data Analytics

    • Analyzing job seeker data to continually improve performance
    • Better hiring decisions based on real-time data
    • Better employer ad buys through predictive analytics
    • Business Intelligence (BI) lets partners manage numerous aspects in one place

#4: New Provider-Based Software Gets Fast Results

“Of course,” you might think, “slick technology would make any job board better, but who can afford it?” More to the point, who would take a costly risk?

That’s one of the beauties of a job board partnership. It’s not expensive. In fact, it’s not even close to the cost of going it alone and working toward the same results.

That’s great, but how fast does it work? At RealMatch, new partners are fully onboarded and operational in about a month. Risk-free, and with zero licensing fees to factor into the budget. And the average partner sees a 133 percent growth in job board revenue with 4 times the ad response.

With better job/candidate matches in real time, dynamic data analytics, tools for job board owners, and better performance, you probably don’t want new software for your job board, you need it.

Work with us, and the technical side with all of its maintenance and upgrades is handled for you.

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