Don’t Forget: Leftover Content Can Be Delicious Too

As we approach the end of the year, now is a great time to think about ways to get more traction out of your existing content marketing materials. Trade publishers that are seeking more revenue and more audience for their companion websites can take advantage of this approach throughout the holiday season. There are many opportunities for squeezing out more use from your 2014 content, whether it’s a “year in review” format or some other way of repackaging previous content that your customers might have missed or want to see again. Here is quick guide to getting started.

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Audit your content assets and how they’ve been used

In order to get the most mileage out of your existing content assets, it’s important to invest a little time in getting organized. Create a spreadsheet that lists the type of asset (e.g. white paper or podcast), where it’s been used so far, and basic ideas for cross-posting. A working database of all your assets is the foundation of a successful campaign to make the most of leftover content from the previous year.

Develop a target list for cross-purposing content

The next step is finding the natural opportunities to repackage content from one channel to help grow another. Often, there are clear opportunities to use material from white papers or blog posts as social media status updates or to post slides from your webinars to SlideShare, for example. Create a list of all the different channels available to you, and then make an editorial calendar of where and how to feature your existing content in new venues.

Take advantage of natural year-end content types

In addition to repackaging material for different channels, another important strategy is using time-tested content types that make the most of the end of the year. For example, many individuals create a year-end roundup post that looks at the biggest trends and insights from the past year and links back to strategic content assets. Others will publish lists of their top 10 most popular posts, 10 most popular resources, or predictions for the year ahead. By creating these content types which readers are naturally curious about this time of year, marketers have an easy platform to showcase and link to different content assets.

Create a holiday or New Year’s thank you bundle

Another way to take advantage of the content you’ve created is to put together a bundle of your most helpful and interesting content as a holiday gift or “kick off the New Year” package for your customers. Create a landing page on your website that links to these materials – they could be organized around a specific theme or simply pull on favorite materials you’ve created. Invite customers and subscribers to visit, via an email newsletter where you share your gratitude for their support and your ongoing relationship. This tactic allows you to deliver perceived value to your audience, while making the most of content you’ve already created.

It’s easy to get to the end of the year and feel that great content you’ve created didn’t get the exposure it deserved. Leveraging these holiday “leftover” techniques can help you stay in touch with customers throughout the season, while making the most of your best content from the last twelve months.

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