Online Publishing: Easy to Start, Difficult to Master

Anyone can create an online publication. For just a few dollars and with minimal technical knowledge, entrepreneurs and online publishers are launching entire publications. But most quickly find out that a vision is not enough. There are many aspects to running a successful publication, from creating a compelling content strategy to having the skills needed to manage a site’s operations. While it’s easy to start a publication, it’s difficult to reach the level of mastery. Here’s a closer look at the many diverse skill sets it takes to make your online venture a success.

A Content Strategy

Content is the currency of online publications. If you’re a trade publisher, you need the inside scoop on your target industry, input from thought leaders, and much more. Other online publishers need to produce regular content that creates significant value for readers. A regular publishing schedule that’s focused on generating content that is geared toward your target audience is essential. But that content strategy must encompass high-quality writing, an editorial calendar, managing contributors, and setting a clear editorial voice and tone.

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An Operational Focus

Every business has operational needs, and an online publication is no exception. Your website needs a design, a content management system that allows you to post new material, reliable hosting, and more. Simple factors such as paying these fees on time and keeping up to date with your website address renewals can seem small. But they’re critical to smooth operations. Publications also have essential operational factors related to monetizing the site, from selling advertising space to finding effective mechanisms for selling subscriptions.

Strategies for Engagement

Advertising and subscription revenue rely on people hearing about your publication, which requires a comprehensive strategy for engagement. Publishers need a clear promotion strategy that gets their brand in front of potential readers. There are a number of avenues available, including search optimization, social media marketing, content marketing, partnerships, advertising, and more. What’s clear is that for a publication to be successful, they need to take a strong position with respect to promotion and market aggressively in order to reach profitable levels.

Have a Road Map in Place

Running and monetizing websites successfully requires having a clear vision. What do you want the site to be? Who do you want it to serve? The more clear you are about your site’s mission and goals, including membership or revenue targets, the more effectively you can lay out a path to get there. Your content decisions, promotion strategy, and operational considerations all flow from your overarching goals from the site. Do you want to become the main authority in a specific trade niche, or develop a steady flow of readers interested in celebrity gossip? Whatever your goals, it’s important to set a direction for the publication so you can strategically increase your level of success.

Launching a publication is no guarantee of success. But focusing on the right areas – from developing compelling content to effectively marketing your website – will put you on the path to a leading online publication. Persistence pays off in the long run!

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