Why People Share Content

The goal of creating content for anyone who makes money with their content is to have that information shared by others. You could try bribing people to share your content with the promises of lavish prizes, but that is a sure way to go broke in record time. Besides, there are better ways to get people to share your website’s content and expand your traffic.

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In order to create content that gets shared, you have to understand why people share content in the first place. What purpose does your content have to serve in order for others to find it valuable enough to attach their name to it and share it with others?

DigitalInformationWorld.com shares an infographic which indicates that 84 percent of people online care about being honest to their friends and offering valuable information. But the other side of that is the 63 percent of people who value their morals very highly and will only share content that is in line with their beliefs. So why do people share content? It is a question you need to answer before your website can grow.

Entertainment Value

The content experts at TripleSEO.com say that emotion is a strong motivator when it comes to sharing content. If a piece of content can make people laugh, cry or get angry, then that content has a good chance of getting shared. But remember the information from DigitalInformationWorld.com about being in line with people’s beliefs. Your content will get shared if it has strong entertainment value and hits an emotional chord with people, but you could limit the exposure of your content if you go for subjects that are controversial or narrow in appeal.

To Educate Others

The idea of educating people by sharing content can be tricky. Most people do not read past the headline of an article, which is why memes tend to be so popular. It is important that your content be accurate if you want others to share it, but a good headline is also critical. People want to share content that will persuade an audience that a particular point of view is right or wrong. If your content can educate an audience, then it is going to get shared.

Expanding A Person’s Personal Brand

Everyone has an image, but some people really work hard to promote their images, while others don’t really care what people think of them. The experts at Blue Claw Search indicate that if your content can appeal to the narcissist in people and help someone to expand their personal brand, then they will be more than willing to share that content.

For example, if a person considers themselves to be a gothic artist, then your website’s article about gothic art is something that person will share with others. The content does not always need to be so specific, but it does need to appeal directly to your audience. That is where knowing your audience comes in very handy.

Supporting A Cause

Social media is famous for taking personal causes and pushing them into the international spotlight. Without social media, people all over the world would not have poured buckets of ice water over their heads in the name of a charitable cause.

If you want your content to catch on like wildfire, then study the latest causes that people are trying to promote and generate content that helps bring a spotlight to that cause. Once the cause catches on, your content will receive exposure around the world.

People share content on the Internet for a variety of reasons and you need to understand those reasons if you want your content to be seen by a broad audience. There is only so much your website can do to gain exposure for your content. You must find ways to get people to share your content if you want to grow your website and increase your revenue. With some good market research, you can use timely content to drive web traffic that will make your website a success.

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