Stream Audio and Video for Repeat Site Visitors

Broadcasting audio or video streams live on your news or trade publication website can give your site’s audience a powerful reason to visit and can lead to repeat site visitors. Live streaming is growing in importance as increasing numbers of viewers turn to online sources for coverage of live events.

Stream live videos of events for repeat site visitors.
People in your trade who can’t attend an event will be happy for the opportunity to watch it streamed live.

One of the most recent examples of streaming gone viral happened in Texas when State Senator Wendy Davis filibustered a controversial abortion bill. With no television news stations covering the situation, nearly 200,000 people watched the event online, a number that dwarfed total viewing figures for some TV networks during that time period.

But live streaming doesn’t have to be your site’s only video and audio draw. Archiving video and embedding it on your website gives visitors reasons to return repeatedly, particularly if you create audio or video series.

You can sign up for an account at a streaming site, where the video is streamed and framed into your site. Sites like Ustream offer free and paid accounts with a range of tools and features. When you start streaming, a “Go Live” icon takes you to a page where you’ll obtain code to embed on the page where you want the live stream shown. Once your live broadcast is complete, you can embed the video on your site. Many streaming sites offer tools like password access, which can be useful if your site offers a “freemium” model for viewing exclusive content. Or, you can choose to make access to rebroadcasts free.

Here are 5 reasons adding audio or video to your site (whether streamed live or recorded and embedded) adds tremendous value to your content.

1. Live Streaming is Great for Audience Development

When you add live streaming to your site, you offer event access to people who would otherwise not be able to participate, or who wouldn’t have access to the live coverage you’re hosting. When you record and embed video for later viewing, you increase your site’s inventory of valuable content.

2. Live Streaming Can Be Used to Cut Costs

If your trade publication website offers training programs, live streaming some or all of them can be perfect for ensuring that the maximum number of participants have access to the same training and information, and that this training is provided at the most reasonable cost to your organization.

3. Live Streaming Improves Audience Interaction

When a website visitor or customer watches streaming video on your site, he or she gives you a tremendous opportunity to put a human face on your brand and make a personal connection. You can even stream live question and answer sessions so participants at home or at work can be part of the event.

Stream Audio and Video for Repeat Site Visitors
Participating in Q and A sessions remotely is great for people who can’t attend an event live.

4. You Increase the Sense of Community Surrounding Your Site

Live streaming an event gives your website’s audience a sense of community and of excitement. Those viewing the event live feel included, and this can greatly increase their loyalty to your site and your brand. These live streamed events are also great at prompting discussion on your site.

5. Rebroadcasts Can Build Traffic Further

Record a live broadcast and upload it to a platform like YouTube, and you give those who couldn’t tune into the live event a chance to watch it at their convenience. When you upload these broadcasts, you can tag them with relevant keywords and share links to them on all the social media sites your organization uses.

There are countless ways to put live streaming and archived broadcasts to work for your website, building your brand, encouraging interaction and sharing, and even boosting revenue development. Your site’s visitors will love the information-rich content you provide with live streaming and archived webcasts, and on the web you have unlimited range for sharing.

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