The Benefits of Adding a Job Board to Your Site

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A job board might be a team effort, but it pays off.

Your website might be a labor of love, but you don’t have to settle for just love in return. It’s also a business, and the most successful businesses can’t grow if they’re static.

With all of the work already involved in operating a website and generating material that draws in your audience, the thought of tacking one more item to the ”to-do” list could be as appealing as working for free. But in a sense, you are working for free, or at least for less than you could be, if you don’t source every avenue for growth.

NBC News advises that one way a business can offset some of its operating expenses is with a job board. Here are three benefits of adding a job board to your site:

Revenue Development

Successful media and trade magazine websites don’t manage themselves. You and your team put in the hours and effort to produce high quality material, and new revenue streams can help you keep up the great work.A job board can be a viable source of revenue.

Job board software produces the platform that you need, and it’s available through dedicated online hosts or with software that you install and manage independently. The simplest route is to use a host’s software, although they get a cut of the revenue.

Employers who post ads on your job board pay a fee for the privilege. The target audience for an advertising trade magazine is the same audience that advertising employers are looking for. Employers want to go where the best candidates are.

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A niche-market job board reaches the right people.

Blogtrepreneur explains, ”It’s interesting to see how well some of these niche or industry specific job boards are doing. Because they focus on a specific industry, they are able to avoid competition with major job sites, and they’re able to provide employers with a great opportunity to reach the right audience.”

Audience Development

Your audience already has a reason to come back, time after time – great content. A job board adds another layer of value to the experience.

Job seekers know that the jobs at your site are more likely to fit what they’re looking for, in much the same way that employers appreciate the targeted audience. In a sense, your site becomes a central location where like-minded employers and employees connect. When both sides of the equation find value in what you provide, your audience grows.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Complex

With job board software that’s web-based, much of the daily operational grind is on someone else’s shoulders. It’s also faster and simpler to set up and get off the ground. If you wonder how to populate a brand new board, some web-based hosts have that covered by sharing postings from other sites until yours attracts enough volume on its own.

Starting the board might not be as challenging as you imagined, but you’ll still need to work at it. With all the new traffic comes new data to analyze. This helps you increase revenue and build your audience.

Job Board Doctor offers a few words of caution about hosting a job board the right way. Give job seekers mobile access, since most job seekers use mobile devices. Use those important metrics to enhance both your site and the job board. Promote the job board on social media. It will attract some candidates on its own, but you can boost the volume with a little promotion effort. Listen to candidates and employers. If you receive negative feedback about the job board, make any tweaks that you can to make their experience better.

Revenue and audience growth are the two primary reasons to consider adding a job board to your site, but the interesting thing is that it benefits everyone. Job seekers and employers connect more easily than at a non-niche job board, and you reap the financial rewards. There is a measure of discipline involved in running a successful board, but the results are worth it.

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