Is Your Audience Approaching Tech Burnout?

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Technology could be affecting your audience development. There is too much going on at the moment, and it is time to get the focus back on your brand.

While technology has the goal of making things easier, it is actually causing too much confusion. Mindshare’s latest Culture Vulture study shows that 58% of people believe that technology has made the life more complicated, and your audience development could be struggling because of that. It’s time to take a step back from using technology to build your brand. It needs to enhance it instead.

Here are some tips to do that and boost the development of your brand’s audience.

Focus on Your Brand

The most important factor is to put the focus on your brand. If there’s no need to use technology, then don’t bother. Only use it if something really calls for it, such as sharing on social media or using your email list to boost the number of employers signing up to your job board. People trust the brand, so you need to focus on this but build your audience engagement and experience.

Branding isn’t just about products. It’s about creating a promise to your customers-in your case, to your employers. You’re developing an image through your brand, and you need to deliver on that afterwards.

Don’t Get Distracted

There are so many different opportunities that it’s easy to get distracted. Don’t let this happen to your brand. Remember the first point: remain focused on your brand.

When it comes to a new technological opportunity, ask yourself how it is going to help the brand. Will it even offer the brand anything beneficial? If the answer is no, then there is no need to use it. Forget all about it and stick with what you’re already using. If the answer is maybe, jot the ideas of how it could do this. It doesn’t mean you have to use it, but you’re more focused on how it will build your brand and help your employers. You’ll use it in a way that will help your audience development.

There is just too much in the world of technology for many people to understand.
There is just too much in the world of technology for many people to understand.

Don’t pick up a piece of technology and ask how it’s going to help. In more cases than not, it won’t and trying to fit it in is just going to make it more confusing for your employers.

Use Content for Your Audience Development

The extra forms of technology have made people forget about the real need for content. It’s all about you. It’s a way to draw people to and connect people with you. So use it for that! Focus on the content and how it is going to engage with your own audience.

You want to tell a story with your content, while giving people tips and advice to help them build their brand, solve their problem or answer their question. If you’re so focused on the technology, you’re going to take yourself away from the story within the content and it will become confusing.

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Instead of focusing on creating something that you want shared, focus on creating something you want to speak volumes to the reader. This is more likely to be shared through various social media platforms and even offline! The traditional form of word of mouth is still just as powerful today.

Technology has made the world a confusing place for many and it is affecting your audience development. Instead of focusing so much on how to use technology, make sure there is a reason for it. Focus on your brand, and the technology will fall into place for you and your audience.

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