Native Advertising for Publishers Is Mainstream: Make the Most of It

Native Advertising
Traditional advertising for publishers is going the way of the do-do. Native advertising is becoming more popular, but you need to make sure it’s effective.

Native advertising is becoming more and more accepted in content. In fact, it’s becoming expected by many. People are turning away from traditional online advertising for publishers, so content marketers and business owners need to find better ways to make ad revenue from their content. You need to make the most of your native advertising, and here are some tips to do just that.

This Isn’t a Post About the Company

The last thing you want to do is turn the blog post into a company press release. Avoid mentioning your company name as much as possible. Yes, include a few links to products or services on your website, as long as they are going to help the customer. You may also find an author box available, which mainly helps the reader determine if you have the knowledge and expertise to offer tips.

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The whole point of content marketing is to help the readers. Offer tips, answer questions and, most importantly, remain neutral.

Share Your Mistakes

People make mistakes. It’s all part of being honest, but it’s a great thing when it comes to advertising for publishers. Readers want to learn from your mistakes, so use them in your native advertising. Tell a story about how you failed at something, but what you did the next time. Share about how you struggled to understand a concept, but how you overcame that.

Readers don't like traditional advertisements, so you need to make your native advertising more effective.
Readers don’t like traditional advertisements, so you need to make your native advertising more effective.

Bragging is not going to get you anywhere. People don’t learn from that, and more importantly they don’t see the human side to you. They want to know that you have been there and done it. They want to feel like they can trust you, and sharing mistakes means being honest and helps with that.

Don’t Add Too Much

You’ve got a great idea for a post, but while writing it, you’ve come up with more and more topics that the reader will want to know about. It’s tempting to try and fit everything into that one post, but stop right there. That is not going to help your native advertising. Readers start to feel overwhelmed and they are not going to want to know.

Instead, focus on one topic per post. Once you’ve written everything you need about that topic, bring the content to a close and move onto the next one. Create a new post on that second idea you got and then a third on the third idea. Readers know what to expect from the title, will be able to connect with the content and see you in a positive light.

Have faith that native advertising for publishers works. It is a great way to make more money, and steps away from the traditional forms of advertising that readers don’t care about anymore. However, you do need to put some effort in to make it effect. The three tips above will improve your audience engagement and helps your reputation ten-fold. You will soon see them coming back for more at a later date, and even signing up to your email newsletters or checking out your products.

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