3 Ways a Job Board Can Increase Website Visitors

Your team is busy creating brilliant content and managing everyday operations. But there’s something missing, and that something is traffic. Here’s a bright idea for driving visitors to your website: How about a job board?

Job boards work best for businesses with a specific focus, such as niche industries, according to Entrepreneur Magazine. However, any site that’s already generating some traffic can increase website visitors by adding this kind of feature.

Worker sitting at desk using a computer.
A job board gives you more ways and reasons to spend time marketing your website.

Even better is the fact that most job board software is a revenue-generating machine. Each time an employer posts a job, he pays a fee. The software company usually gets a cut, but yours is the larger take.

Here are three ways that a job board can help make your site visit stats tick up, up, up.

Long Live SEO

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, helps job seekers find the job board, and ultimately your website. Using the right keywords in job postings and on your site means you’ve got more SEO options and you’re more likely to pop up in a search.

An interesting thing about keywords is that you have to think like a searcher. If there are industry-specific terms, use them.

Avoid acronyms and abbreviations as if they are lava, unless they’re so common that anyone searching for the jobs posted on your board would know them. Acronyms might save space, but someone searching for a job posting would have to know that you used them. Think like a searcher and spell out the keywords.

Job Board Marketing

Even the smallest marketing strategies can make a difference. Let your Facebook fans and Twitter followers know that your website has a job board, and you could see a measurable increase in traffic.

If you really want to see results, try posting on your Facebook page and sending out a Tweet each time an employer posts a new job on your job board. Remember to add in a link to the site so visitors can find you.

Entrepreneur also mentions that some job board software has a syndication feature, which helps beef up the job postings that you offer. Jobs posted at other websites that use the same software show up on your board until you’ve filled it with listings from your own clients.

Amplified Content Value

Businessman pointing at computer monitor and explaining to man
Job boards don’t run themselves, so you’ll need someone to manage it.

The singlemost important factor in luring and keeping visitors may very well be offering them something of value. A job board is new content that’s relevant to your industry, which can attract visitors more often just to see what’s new.

If you don’t want the job board to take valuable real estate on your website’s main page, add an extra content page to host the board. Links from searches and marketing bring visitors to your landing page, and a link on that page takes them to the job board.

Word-of-mouth shouldn’t be underestimated, especially in a niche industry. When job seekers find the job board and discover the employment opportunities that your website hosts, they’re likely to pass the word on to others.



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