4 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Healthcare Site


When it comes to increasing traffic to your healthcare website, there are two different types of advice you should consider. There are some very good tips out there for increasing any kind of blog traffic that will work in any industry. Those kinds of tips will help you to boost your traffic and appeal to a larger audience. Then there are the healthcare industry specific tips that appeal to your healthcare readers. It is always a good idea to do a mix of the two types of tips to make sure that you do what you can to maximize your traffic.

Use SEO Tactics

When you hear about SEO tactics, you often think of website content and links. But SEO marketing tactics work just as well on a healthcare blog and they need to be part of your overall content strategy.

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All of your blog content should contain keywords relevant to the healthcare industry to make sure that your site shows up in healthcare search queries. Check to see if your blog host has SEO fields you can fill in with each post and be sure to fill those fields in properly and completely. The most popular fields are meta tags, meta descriptions and meta titles. The meta descriptions show up on Google’s page when you blog shows up in search results, so be sure to make those descriptions brief, but complete.

Be Active On Other Healthcare Blogs

Find the most popular healthcare blogs that relate to your particular portion of the industry and start posting responses to articles. When you become active on other blogs, you can gain exposure for your own blog by including a link to your blog in your profile. As you engage other blog writers in valuable healthcare conversations, you will start to see an increase in your own blog traffic.

Make Your Own Series

Few things bring back repeat blog readers more than an ongoing series of original information. If you have any video production skills at all, then you can create a series of informational videos on topics that would interest your readers. If video isn’t your thing, then write a series of articles on important topics. Make sure that you space out your articles to get people to come back and read each new installment.

Use Social Media

Your blog can be tied to your social media pages to significantly expand your exposure. Each time you publish a new article there should be an announcement that automatically goes out to your Twitter, Facebook and other social media pages.

Social media allows your audience to interact with your content and gives you valuable feedback on how your blog is perceived by your audience. You can choose to interact with your audience on your social media pages if you want, but you should definitely use reader feedback to improve your healthcare blogs.

A healthcare blog should be a resource for readers that offers valuable information. By using some proven methods for increasing web traffic to your blog, you can expand your audience and start to drive more interest in your healthcare related business.

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