6 Ways to Boost Your Newsletter Subscriptions

As a trade publisher, you connect with your membership through diverse channels. But one of your most valuable channels may be your newsletter. According to Forrester Research, it’s possible to actually calculate the value of each individual subscriber as they add to your organization’s bottom line. From event fees to membership dues to affiliate purchases, each individual that you have on your newsletter list is a person that you’re able to market to and serve more effectively. But how do you convince people to hand over their email address and subscribe? Here are a handful of time-tested tips to get you started.

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Feature a Sign Up Banner

One of the easiest ways to get new subscribers is to set up a “subscribe” banner on your website. Ideally, this should be above the fold, stand out, and be as easy as possible for people to subscribe to. One-step subscriptions that just require an email address tend to be the most successful. Think about interesting text geared to your audience that’s likely to encourage them to take action.

Add a Pop-Up Notice

There are numerous technologies that allow you to set up a pop-up notice to appear the first time someone visits your website. These timed technologies allow people to browse for a while and then deploy a simple pop-up window. The idea is “are you enjoying this content? If so, sign up to get our best delivered straight to your inbox.” As long as the pop-up is tastefully done and strategically timed, it can help you obtain more sign-ups without annoying visitors. Many websites are also using targeted pop-ups when visitors try to close the browser window, to capture their attention before they leave the site.

Target Your Calls to Action

Each post or main piece of content on your website should have a clear call to action. Consider targeting your calls to action (or a percentage of them) to inviting readers to sign up for your newsletter. Ending great content with an invitation to read more is an effective way to get your fans to commit to a deeper relationship with your trade organization.

Offer an Incentive

Trade organizations often have access to valuable information, such as the latest industry research, trends reports, and member directories. Consider making some of your most enticing content available in exchange for inviting people to sign up for your newsletter. Not only will you get to showcase some of your best content, but you’ll be increasing your subscriber base.

Integrate Sign-Ups into Your Most Popular Pages

Many sites have pages that are extraordinarily popular. Often these are your about page or your services page. Consider integrating targeted sign-up opportunities into these pages to take advantage of the high levels of traffic they receive.

Use Social Proof

Social proof is a powerful motivator when getting people to convert. For example, consider showcasing how many members receive your newsletter. Even something as simple as “Join over 1,000 professionals in getting the latest insider industry tips” can be enough to motivate someone. After all, if others find value in your material, they’re likely to as well.

Increasing your newsletter sign-ups can have a direct impact on your trade organization’s revenue, from increasing direct spend from members to commanding higher advertising rates. Consider the tips and tricks above, and you’ll be on your way to growing your list in short order!

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