B2B Is Worst, and Best, for Site Monetization through Interactive Ads

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A loyal audience helps publications when it comes to site monetization strategies. B2B trade publications will benefit when it comes to interactive ads.

Small publishers are usually the last to take up new forms of technology, like interactive ads. The problem lies in the cost to set up these new technologies and use them to the publication’s advantage. There is no guarantee that they will work. The benefit for trade magazines is the targeted, tighter audience. This helps with site monetization, especially though interactive ads and other new technologies.

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Already Have the Loyal Base

Something that large publications don’t have that small publications do is the loyal base. People purchase the trade publications because of in industry they are currently in or the hobbies that they have. The customers buy the publications each month without fail, and are more likely to set up a subscription.

This is beneficial for trying out new technology. The idea of an interactive ad on a tablet version of the publication is not going to scare them away. In fact, they are more likely to look forward to trying something new and helping the publication make more of a profit.

Close Relationships with the Audience

Trade publications also benefit from the closer relationships. This is not just through a loyal base who like the same topic. This is by being based in the same physical location. Many trade publications are developed for specific areas, which helps with advertising though interactive ads. The audience is more likely to click on the interactive ads and look into them more.

The advertisers also have an intimate relationship with the publications. They both work closely together for the designing of the ads, creation of the content and setting the budgets for each new campaign.

site monetization
Site monetization through digital methods will help B2B publication profits increase.

More Are Already Moving Towards Digital Media

More and more people are already moving towards digital media, but that is not stopping them from spending money. Many publications offer a tablet or online version of their publication for free to work alongside the print publication. The publishers don’t want to lose the print version, believing that is where the money comes from.

However, site monetization is much better. These new technologies cost less to create, meaning that profit margins are much higher.

Getting Out of the Traditional Mindset

One thing that small publishers need to do is get out of the traditional mindset that the digital version supports the print version. Too many go into the digital versions believing that they do not want their print publications to die out. However, a good online publication will cause the print publication to become extinct. The online version is cheaper to make and easier for people to access.

When it comes to interactive ads and other new technology for site monetization, smaller B2B publications are among the best for testing the waters. The loyal and close target audience and advertisers help to make the publications a success. They will remain loyal because they already have a relationship with the publications, whether it is a geographical one or based on the niche.

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