What Does the Google-Twitter Partnership Mean for You?

In 2011, Twitter decided that it was no longer beneficial to allow Google special access to tweets that would make it easier for Google to search and categorize specific tweets. Google, for its part, did not see a need to maintain a special relationship with Twitter because Google did not want to designate special resources just to Twitter.

The arrangement was all part of a service Google called Realtime that would bring information from a variety of sources together for its users into one search page result. Fast-forward to 2015 and Google has decided that having its search engine crawl Twitter tweets constantly not only slows down the results, but it also gives Google users incomplete and inconsistent search results. Google and Twitter have rekindled their real-time information sharing relationship and it could mean good things for your trade website.

Social Media And Marketing Are Becoming More Intertwined

The new agreement between Twitter and Google means that your efforts to promote your media site on social media platforms can become much more effective when teamed up with a real-time marketing program. You can get your message out to your target audience ahead of the competition and start to dictate the pace of new information in your genre. As Twitter becomes more dominant in Google-based marketing, the opportunities to increase your exposure dramatically increase.

Search Engines Give Up A Little Bit Of Their Power

With this agreement in place, Twitter tweets will become instantly available on Google for marketing and research purposes. This effectively shifts some of the marketing power away from Google and towards Twitter. As more social media platforms follow this real-time information approach, there will continue to be a marketing shift away from search engines and towards social media.

This should start to change the way you develop and market your website. Instead of focusing solely on developing content that is search engine optimized, you will also want to utilize social media’s ability to gain exposure for your content to your advantage as well. It almost seems like Google is giving up a little too much marketing power here, but it is something that you can use to your advantage as you develop your social media presence and increase your exposure.

You Can Expand Your Audience Reach On Twitter

It has become apparent over the past couple of years that Facebook is no longer the social media platform of choice for websites that want to have a cost-effective organic reach to their target audience. While Twitter’s organic reach was not that much better than Facebook, it was to the point where utilizing Twitter made a lot more sense than using Facebook, unless you wanted to pay a lot of money to reach your Facebook audience.

With this agreement, Twitter becomes the social media platform of choice for marketing activities. When you want to reach your audience, you will be able to reach a lot more people through Twitter thanks to its arrangement with Google.

It is unclear as to exactly when in 2015 this agreement will go into place, but most experts feel it could start before June. Once Google starts taking real-time feeds from Twitter again, it will change the way websites look at marketing and reaching a lucrative target audience.

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