Increase Ad Revenue By Offering Video

It takes resources to run a blog or website, especially a successful one. When those resources aren’t recouped, the challenge to keep the site going mounts almost daily. You need a revenue development strategy, and that’s where video comes in.

Videos are an ideal platform to help increase ad revenue. You can start slow or jump in with both feet using any number of options that embed ads in the video content that you or someone else creates.

Why Video, Why Not Static Ads?

The appeal of video can’t be overestimated. Hosts such as YouTube have long since proven that people love to be informed and entertained by watching and listening. When YouTube started embedding ads, the people shouted! And then they kept watching. More proof that video has the draw that you need.

The Texas State Senate might seem like a strange place to find an example of the power of video. But on June 25, the whole country seemed to be watching as Senator Wendy Davis kept the floor with a filibuster that had everyone talking.

The news spread fast and furious, given the live YouTube feed viral status within hours. Brian Stelter for the New York Times writes:

The theatrical aspects of Ms. Davis’s filibuster and the seriousness of what was at stake ”all resulted in people saying to their friends, ‘You have to look at this!”’ said Andrew Lih, a professor of journalism and director of new media at the University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism.

Factor ad revenue into the viral potential of showing people what they want to see, and you’ve got a stunning representation of how ads can not only keep you afloat but bring in real revenue.

So how do you get started?

Partner with YouTube and Get a Share of Ad Revenue

As many know, YouTube no longer plays all videos ad-free; more and more often, ads are embedded. Some must play through to the end, but users can skip past others after a few seconds.

With typical ads, the sponsors are YouTube’s. To make even more advertising revenue, Monetize Pros recommends doing the legwork and signing up your own sponsors.

YouTube also plans to launch paid subscription channels, which can dramatically increase ad revenue. According to VentureBeat users can access your content channel for a monthly fee.

Choose Dailymotion and Get Straight to the Earnings

Dailymotion hosts a wide range of videos on just about every imaginable topic from current events to music. You choose which videos you want on your blog or website, and Dailymotion takes care of the rest.

This isn’t a host that lets you upload your own content — although that is an option if you use a different host in conjunction with Dailymotion. All videos from this site are theirs, and each time a user plays a Dailymotion video on your site, you earn revenue.

Let Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) Monetize Your Videos

As long as the content adheres to Google’s guidelines, you can begin earning revenue through ads embedded in your videos fairly quickly. All videos must be your own original material; Google won’t monetize unoriginal content on your site. In other words, embedding YouTube video created by others won’t lead to IMA revenue.

You’ll get one ad per video at a time, and earn per unique click. Options include skippable and non-skippable linear video ads, non-linear overlay ads that emerge partway through the video, full slot, and companion ads.

Don’t be afraid to ask viewers to pay for what you’re offering. No one should work for free. By offering video to increase ad revenue, you don’t have to. The revenue earned lets you keep offering valuable content to your readers and viewers.

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