How Recruitment Advertising Generates Non-Dues Revenue for Your Trade Association

Trade associations are natural fits for recruitment advertising. Employers with half a measure of common sense make trade associations one of the first places they inquire when looking for a candidate with a specialized skill set. But it can remain unclear for many what the benefits are. Here are just a few of the ways that recruitment advertising can be a major driver for non-dues revenue.


The most obvious revenue stream is charging anyone who wants to post on your job board. In fact it’s often a requirement for trade associations simply to defray the cost of keeping an ad posted. It seems fairly straightforward, true, but keep in mind that, especially with a high volume of postings, the amount of money recruitment advertising can generate builds quickly.

Depending on how you administer the site and the volume of posts, you can also consider offering premium products that boosts this revenue even higher; for example, you can work with customers to find trade members who might be a good fit for the posting, or keep a list of members actively looking for work and contact them with postings directly. If you can fill roles effectively, you’ll often find yourself with repeat customers who come to you directly and spend more, as well.

Revenue from New Customers

Another factor that’s often not considered is that recruitment advertising can bring in far more than just your members. The Internet being what it is, almost everything is indexed and visible these days, unless you choose otherwise, and that means you have more visibility for those interested. What used to be locked away in trade journals is now all over the Internet, and that’s often a good thing for associations.

Prospective members looking for work, employers curious about who’s looking to fill which positions, and even just people idly browsing the web can be drawn by job boards, and easily be directed to your member database, your store, or your membership page, creating more revenue. It can even drive up the value of the advertising on your site!

Increase Member Engagement

Similarly, recruitment advertising can be a substantial traffic driver for members to your website. Trade associations know all too well that the number of members who are active and engaged on your website is often outnumbered by the members who pay their dues and never seem to check in at all. Making members more involved and active in their trade association is often seen as an uphill battle for many.

But by offering recruitment advertising, members will both see the fees they pay as having more value, and will be more likely to invest in the association in other ways, whether through buying other products, donating, or joining programs. Often the most effective aspect of recruitment advertising is allowing trade organizations to recruit their own members for programs.

These are just a few of the benefits you’ll find with recruitment advertising. RealMatch offers detailed, powerful solutions that allow you to get jobs posted online quickly, and replied to effectively. If your trade association needs recruitment advertising, start with the best: Call RealMatch today.

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