The Future of HR: How Veritone’s Broadbean Acquisition Enhances Your Talent Attraction Journey

The corporate landscape is constantly evolving, and with it, the strategies for recruitment and talent acquisition are too. In an exciting recent development, Veritone, a trailblazer in artificial intelligence (AI), has acquired the global recruitment software company Broadbean. Together with PandoLogic, acquired by Veritone in 2021, they will form a unified powerhouse known as Veritone HR Solutions. 

This consolidation marks a significant milestone, bringing together the cutting-edge capabilities of PandoLogic’s programmatic advertising and Broadbean’s distribution software (Distro) under one roof. As a result, talent acquisition teams and staffing firms can look forward to unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness in their recruitment process.

We are excited to dive into this acquisition and what it means for the future of the recruitment industry.

Harnessing the Power of AI, Made Simple

Veritone is a leading provider of enterprise AI solutions used across many industries to help organizations reach their advertising, operational, content, and recruitment goals. The acquisition of Broadbean significantly bolsters Veritone’s AI-driven Human Resources portfolio and reinforces Veritone’s commitment to delivering AI-powered solutions to address the evolving needs of the recruitment industry.

Integrating Broadbean with PandoLogic will form one comprehensive AI-backed solution to make talent attraction more efficient and effective, saving employers valuable time and resources.

One Partner for All Your Talent Attraction Needs

In today’s era of digital transformation, the immense power of technology cannot be underestimated, particularly in the realm of recruitment and hiring. Within this landscape, two standout players have emerged, revolutionizing the recruitment game with their cutting-edge job advertising technologies. Broadbean’s remarkable distribution software has streamlined the job posting process, while PandoLogic’s innovative programmatic advertising has redefined how hiring campaigns are executed. Together, these industry leaders have set new standards, propelling the recruitment industry into a future defined by technological excellence.

By bringing these two technologies under one roof, Veritone HR Solutions eliminates the need to juggle multiple vendors, serving as your one-stop shop for all your job advertising needs. Our extensive range of talent attraction tools and services provides you with comprehensive solutions, streamlining your experience. By consolidating data within the Veritone platform, we possess the ability to develop adaptive solutions that seamlessly align with the dynamic landscape of talent acquisition. 

To fully comprehend the significance of this consolidation, let’s start simple and explore the unique strengths that Broadbean and PandoLogic independently bring to the table to understand how they complement each other as part of Veritone HR Solutions.

Let’s start with a metaphor to understand job distribution vs programmatic. Imagine you’re throwing a party, and you want to invite all your friends. You have three options for spreading the word: handwritten notes, an email, or a party planner. Posting each job manually is like sending handwritten invitations to your friends. It’s time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. You have to write each invitation individually, address them, and then personally deliver or mail them. It might work for a small gathering, but it becomes overwhelming when you have a large number of friends to invite.

Broadbean’s Distribution Software: The Email Automation

Using job distribution software is like sending an email to announce your party. You can reach a broader audience and spread the word more quickly than individual handwritten letters. You can compose the email once and then distribute it to multiple recipients with a single click. Similarly, distribution software takes care of distributing the job posting to multiple job boards and platforms all at once, saving you time and effort. However, there’s a chance some people might miss or ignore your email.

Employers can use the self-service dashboard to manage and track job performance effectively by streamlining the job posting recruitment process. For agencies,  it’s the best choice for managing multiple clients and vacancies at once, without compromising on efficiency.

Additionally, Broadbean’s Distro enables source tracking, allowing you to monitor where your candidates are coming from and focus your efforts accordingly. Integrated within your ATS workflow, it’s easy to use, potentially cost-effective, and puts you in the driver’s seat.

Programmatic Advertising: The Party Planner

Utilizing programmatic job advertising technology is like having a well-connected party planner who knows everyone in town. This friend can effortlessly reach out to all the people who might be interested in your party. They know where your friends hang out and understand the best way to reach them, whether it’s through email, text message, social media, or other channels. The party planner will make sure everyone attends your party, and that your party stays within budget.

By leveraging data and AI algorithms, programmatic technology automates and optimizes the entire job advertising campaign, dictating ad spend and placement based on the role and budget. Real-time optimization ensures maximum visibility of your jobs to your target audience in order to attract the most qualified candidates. Using AI and machine learning to make these decisions frees recruiters from managing budget or placement strategies, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of recruitment (in other words, they get to just enjoy the party.)

Stronger Together: PandoLogic Meets Broadbean

The powerful combination of PandoLogic’s programmatic advertising and Broadbean’s Distro offers an advantageous approach to talent attraction. The integration paves the way for an expanded partner ecosystem and innovative opportunities within the HR Tech space. 

Competition for talent has created an unpredictable and highly saturated market. To remain effective, companies need to ensure decisions are based on what’s actually happening in the market. Veritone’s vision for PandoLogic has always been to bring AI-enabled programmatic job advertising to more talent teams looking to streamline and optimize their recruitment marketing to help solve these problems. Broadbean’s platform integrates with more than 100 ATS partners, allowing for the broader distribution of PandoLogic’s programmatic technology.

Similarly, Broadbean has long been a leader in decentralized job distribution but lacked the vendor management capabilities or spend management of PandoLogic’s flagship product, pandoIQ. PandoLogic’s AI-driven technology will allow hiring managers to “programmatically boost” jobs in Distro that require higher volume and more intelligent spend oversight. 

This acquisition bridges the gap and allows Veritone to combine the power of PandoLogic and Broadbean’s offerings, leveraging the best that HR technology has to offer to our customer base. We aim to meet the customer where they are and provide a solution no matter their recruitment resources, structure, or strategy.

What Does This Mean for Buyers?

As a buyer, you’re likely looking for solutions that offer efficiency, versatility, and control in your talent acquisition process. Veritone HR Solutions provides just that.

  1. Integrated Solution: With programmatic and job distribution software both integrated into your ATS, your job advertising processes can seamlessly embed into your ATS workflow. This eliminates the need to manage multiple systems, saving you time and effort.
  2. Improved Efficiency: By combining Broadbean’s easy-to-use distribution software with PandoLogic’s AI-driven optimization, the hiring process becomes significantly more efficient. Whether you’re running a small campaign or recruiting en masse, Veritone HR Solutions is designed to deliver results.
  3. Data-Driven Decision Making: The combined power of PandoLogic and Broadbean results in a data-rich platform. This enables you to make evidence-based decisions, improving your hiring quality and reducing cost-per-hire.
  4. Enhanced Diversity: With a data-driven strategy, you can target a broader, more diverse audience. This helps increase the diversity of your talent pool, aligning with your organization’s diversity and inclusion goals.

The advent of Veritone HR Solutions marks an evolution in the HR tech landscape. With the combined power of PandoLogic and Broadbean, it offers a more streamlined, efficient, and powerful approach to talent acquisition, redefining the future of hiring. As a buyer, investing in this technology is investing in the future.

Connecting You to The World:

With the acquisition of Broadbean, we expand your reach to a global network of job distribution and recruitment advertising, with coverage in more than 180 countries. This means more potential candidates and markets at your fingertips than ever before. Our partnership with Broadbean enhances the success of your hiring efforts, enabling you to tap into new talent pools and make more informed decisions.

This strategic acquisition reinforces Veritone’s commitment to innovation and diversity, expanding our global footprint, and ultimately revolutionizing the talent acquisition journey for organizations worldwide.

A Data-Driven Strategy for Diversity:

Our commitment is clear: to utilize this power to drive inclusive hiring practices, and break down the barriers that have stood between individuals and their next chapter. 

Where you advertise your roles matters. A data-driven strategy aids in placing roles on platforms frequented by diverse demographics. By reaching a broader audience, you inevitably attract a diverse talent pool, thereby promoting diversity in your organization.

Our mission is to open the door to opportunity for everyone, ensuring a fair and equitable job market. The integration of Broadbean and PandoLogic reinforces Veritone’s commitment to diversity in recruitment, providing employers with a comprehensive suite of tools to attract diverse talent at scale.

Insights You Can Understand and Put to Work:

Veritone HR Solutions combines the expertise of Broadbean with our AI capabilities, providing you with valuable insights into recruitment trends. These insights are presented in a digestible manner, eliminating the need for a data analyst’s expertise. With Broadbean’s future hiring insights at your disposal, you can shape your hiring strategies more effectively, making your job easier and more successful.

Additionally, the acquisition of Broadbean adds 5 billion+ data points of job advertising performance over the last 5 years across the world to Veritone’s data repository – data that will feed Veritone’s algorithms and prediction analytics to further enhance your job advertising campaigns.

Ready for the Future Today

By marrying Veritone’s AI, PandoLogic’s recruitment technology, and Broadbean’s global reach, Veritone HR Solutions equips your HR and hiring processes for the future. Our integrated solution is designed to tackle contemporary HR challenges, such as remote and hybrid hiring. With Veritone HR Solutions, you can smoothly adapt to new trends and changes in the business landscape, staying one step ahead.

The inception of Veritone HR Solutions marks an exciting evolution in the HR tech landscape. We are committed to making HR tasks as efficient, effective, and straightforward as possible. With the combined power of PandoLogic, Broadbean, and Veritone, you can expect a seamless, powerful, and comprehensive approach to talent acquisition. Embrace the future of HR with Veritone HR Solutions and embark on your journey to easier hiring.

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