3 Reasons the Desktop Isn’t Dead


If you’ve paid any bit of attention to marketing trends recently, it seems that everyone is hyped up about mobile devices. As such, many marketers are moving toward targeting the mobile platform, and some have even done away with desktop campaigns altogether. Unfortunately for these marketers, the desktop is still alive and well, and a […]

Cross-Platform Ad Campaigns Integrate Social Media with Television


It was only a matter of time. Social media is on its first date with television. Thanks to a new partnership, companies can accurately measure the impact of their TV ads with social media analysis. The Concept You might have heard of BrightLine. It’s a company that is “the leading provider of rich media advertising […]

Digital and TV Advertising Campaigns Work Hand in Hand

TV advertising

Audience engagement is critical at developing the revenue streams necessary to run your website if you’re a digital publisher or media company. It’s the driver behind sustained web traffic and can make the difference in your success with bringing in ad revenue or employer listings on your site’s custom job board. While you may think […]