Cross-Platform Ad Campaigns Integrate Social Media with Television

It was only a matter of time. Social media is on its first date with television. Thanks to a new partnership, companies can accurately measure the impact of their TV ads with social media analysis.

The Concept

You might have heard of BrightLine. It’s a company that is “the leading provider of rich media advertising on television” according to its website. Specifically, BrightLine’s services include the design, deployment, and data aggregation of TV ads.

BrightLine has just announced a partnership with Millward Brown Digital, a company that is focused on helping its clients develop their brands online. You can think of Millward Brown Digital as a specialist in growth hacking.

The partnership between the two companies is centered around BrightLine’s UXTV product. That product enables advertisers to integrate social media channels (including Twitter and Facebook) with TV ads. That way, the company’s clients can determine the effectiveness of their ads with metrics like purchase intent and brand affinity. However, the Millward Brown Digital AdIndex service will enable advertisers to measure the impact of the ads more accurately.

“With the ‘appification’ of television now clearly underway, BrightLine’s innovative ad products paired with our ad effectiveness insights are key to unlocking the space’s monetization potential for publishers,” says Michelle Eule, a Senior Vice President at Millward Brown Digital.

Welcome News

This is a welcome partnership to advertisers who have been requesting web-specific metrics for cross-platform advertising campaigns. To meet that demand, a few research companies have already started looking for solutions.

It is not without good reason that advertisers want cross-platform metrics. Last August, a Nielsen study found that there is a relationship between Twitter usage and TV ratings.

BrightLine’s partnership with Millward Brown Digital creates a service that builds upon the already valuable metrics provided by UXTV. The company’s clients will be able to view consumer behavior and perception before and after the advertising campaign. The insight obtained from the service will be both quantitative (statistics concerning brand impressions) and qualitative (the impact that the ad experience has on the viewer).

About 60% of U.S. households that have broadband access also have connected TVs. Advertisers will continue to attempt to engage those consumers and also look for ways to evaluate the impact of their campaigns. The partnership between BrightLine and Millward Brown Digital is a step forward in that direction.

The Information Age is already here. The Integration Age is soon to follow.

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