Best Practices to Improve Your Candidate Experience and Increase Your ROI

candidate experience

Candidate experience refers to the overall perception and feelings that job applicants have throughout the hiring process, from initial job search to onboarding. This encompasses various touch points such as job communication, application process, interviews, and feedback. The importance of candidate experience for brand reputation lies in the fact that positive experiences help enhance an […]

6 Ways to Ensure You’re Meeting Candidate Expectations

candidate expectations

Managing candidate expectations, especially for high-volume positions, can be a daunting yet ultimately rewarding task for both the employer and the candidate. 2022 is an employee market, and it’s now easier than ever for potential candidates to pursue positions on their terms, which means employers must stand out from the crowd in order to find […]

The Biggest Hiring Challenges According To Experts

The biggest hiring challenges according to experts

Seasoned HR professionals know that it isn’t always easy to hit key performance metrics and achieve hiring goals—despite these being critically important milestones for any business to be successful. Sourcing the best available talent for your company’s open positions, engaging with the right candidates effectively, keeping them interested in joining your team, and maintaining a […]

3 of the most common recruiting mistakes

3 of the most common recruiting mistakes

Attention recruiters: In today’s ultra-competitive job market, the pressure to stand out from the competition, attract new talent, and keep your pipelines rich with active and passive job seekers—both for open positions today and emerging positions tomorrow—is greater than ever before. In fact, the pressure to meet your recruiting team’s key performance metrics and ensure […]

How Improving The Candidate Experience Will Supercharge Your Pipeline


As an HR leader, you’re responsible for ensuring that your team consistently hits its key performance benchmarks-which can sometimes be a daunting task. One inevitable metric that you’re certainly held accountable for is making sure that you’re attracting and sourcing the best available talent for open positions in your organization-which means that you need to […]

5 Talent Recruitment Trends You Need to Implement in 2018

2018 Talent Recruitment Trends

Over the past several years, innovators in talent recruitment have been rallying behind trending recruitment processes to improve their day-to-day. Their goal is to make recruiting more gratifying and less transactional for recruitment professionals, while also keeping things interesting for candidates. Below are the five latest trends to hit recruitment that will alter the way […]

How RPO Maximizes the Candidate Experience: Does Technology Help?

How RPO Maximizes the Candidate Experience: Does Technology Help?

A research study by the University of Warwick shows that happy employees are 12% more productive in the workplace. Better productivity translates to better ROI. But how do organizations make (and keep) employees happy? A good starting point would be to enhance candidate experience. After all, the recruitment process marks the beginning of any kind […]

4 Candidate Experience Tasks You Should Automate Today


With the candidate experience at the forefront of more HR decision-makers’ minds, talent managers and recruiters are looking for more innovative ways to improve each step of the application process, improve their talent funnel, and attract the highest caliber of talent to their ranks. For time-pressed recruiters and hiring managers, programmatic is going to be […]

4 Ways to Benefit the Candidate Experience Using Automation

candidate experience

Programmatic recruitment might sound like a surefire path to the unemployment line. It’s quite the opposite, both for you and the job candidates you source and hire. The technology that drives automation lets you work smarter. And that boosts one of the most important trends in sourcing and hiring: the candidate experience. Here are four […]