Are People Seeing Your Digital Ads?


As a publisher, advertising represents a significant and growing portion of your revenue. Ideally, digital advertising can help online publishers quickly monetize online publications or companion sites. But there is more to making an ongoing profit from advertising than selling space and keeping your readership numbers up. A recent study released by Google suggest that […]

4 Advantages Print Advertising has Over Digital


You may have heard that print advertising is a dying breed, or at worst, is already dead. With the Internet now becoming an entrenched part of most personal and professional lives, this sentiment may seem correct, but the truth is, print media and advertising is still alive and well. In fact, in many ways, print […]

The Explosion in Digital Ad Spending and What It Means to You


Global advertising buying continues to rise and digital advertising is a huge part of that growth. According to the TechCrunch website, the total advertising buy for the global market in 2013 was $503 billion. That is a steady growth of 3.5 percent from 2012, but those numbers are expected to pick up their pace as […]