Subscription Fraud Targeted More Than 40 Publishers, Say Authorities

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You were receiving your share of subscription offers by mail long before you entered the publishing game yourself — mail-outs urging you to renew your magazine subscription at a great low rate before it expires, or inviting you to subscribe for the first time. They’ve always seemed innocent enough, and your own publication’s circulation has […]

6 Ways to Boost Your Newsletter Subscriptions


As a trade publisher, you connect with your membership through diverse channels. But one of your most valuable channels may be your newsletter. According to Forrester Research, it’s possible to actually calculate the value of each individual subscriber as they add to your organization’s bottom line. From event fees to membership dues to affiliate purchases, […]

Could Piecemeal Subscriptions Boost Your Revenue?

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Give more to get more – could this be the key to growing readerships and boosting revenue for publishers? If the New York Times numbers for their first quarter is any indication, then the answer is yes. The Times reports an increase in subscription revenue that is “outpacing that of ads.” So, could stand alone […]

Why Digital Subscriptions are Key to Your Circulation and Bottom Line

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With circulation numbers wildly unpredictable, one surprising trend seems to have emerged in 2012 — circulation increased, and more people got their news via digital subscriptions than in previous years. Paywalls, the catchall term for digital subscriptions, come in different forms. Some newspapers bolt the door on all content without a subscription. Others offer some […]