How To Tailor Recruiting Strategies And Improve Candidate Engagement

reviewing candidate engagement

On September 6, 2021, the United States government officially ended federal unemployment benefits. While some states opted to end the benefit sooner, the labor market has been in a state of flux since the cut-off. Workers have walked away from their jobs en masse leaving staffing and recruiting professionals little time to piece together effective strategies. We’ve reached a critical moment […]

Top 10 Recruitment Thought Leaders In HR You Should Be Following

HR thought leaders

LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Instagram are a great way to network, but there’s also a wealth of wisdom and advice out there to take in as you make your daily perusal of blogs and other media. Whether you want to listen to a podcast on your morning commute for your daily dose of HR inspiration […]

What The Fyre Festival Fiasco Can Teach Us About Recruiting

surprising recruiting lessons from Fyre Festival

A music festival in the Bahamas, with all the rich and beautiful influencers … what could sound like more of a dream? In April 2017, we were about to find out—though most of us, with a less Kardashian-esque level of luxury in our lives, were merely social media gawkers. As the weekend music festival approached […]