How Programmatic Can Accelerate Your Recruitment

Put Recruitment Processes in Overdrive with Programmatic Recruitment Advertising

The advent of ‘big data’ necessitated the use of automated tools that could handle massive amounts of data. Thus was born programmatic advertising, as part of the marketing function. Programmatic advertising has been around for several years now in traditional marketing. As recruitment becomes increasingly data-driven, programmatic advertising is gradually gaining ground in talent acquisition […]

Programmatic Recruitment Advertising: What It Can Do (And What It Can’t)

Programmatic recruitment advertising

Have you ever wondered, what can programmatic recruitment do for me? Can it help you decide where to post your job ads? Can it filter out relevant candidates effectively? But can it engage passive candidates and urge them to apply? Programmatic recruitment advertising is capable of streamlining so many internal processes, is there anything it […]

Job Boards: Is It Really About Compatibility?


Compatibility has long served as the cornerstone of dating services, including the major Web-based matchmaking services. But while at least one of these services is trying to apply the concept toward the business recruitment world in an effort to expand its customer base, a genuine match between the needs of the candidate and the employer […]

Use Social Media to Target Healthcare Professionals

social media healthcare

When it comes to searching for healthcare jobs, the landscape across the Internet has changed dramatically over the last several years. While the job board remains the foundation for online recruitment, some job board managers may worry that with all the new social media options, the job board is on its way to extinction. What […]

The Flaws with LinkedIn’s Job Matching, and How Its Recent Acquisition Might Help


This past February, LinkedIn acquired Bright, a job matching service, for $120 million. This left some people wondering: Why? What Was The Incentive? What was it that Bright had to offer LinkedIn? How did the online networking site stand to benefit from the purchase of a much smaller job matching service? LinkedIn, while used by […]

What ‘Job Matching’ Really Means

job matching

If you have ever posted a job opportunity on a job board, or applied for a job through one, you may have encountered the term “job matching.” The same is true if you are looking for job board software as part of your website monetization platform. Job matching is a particular way of determining how […]

Job Matching and Online Recruitment: A Webinar Review

The Internet has been an invaluable benefit to both job seekers and employers. It has completely streamlined the process of connecting professional talent with recruiters. However, there is always a better way to build the mousetrap. Today, many job boards offer a list of skills that employers are seeking in qualified candidates. People who believe […]