What People Want in Their Job Search Engines


As the economy continues to slowly improve, there’s no doubt that both employers and job seekers are going to be increasing their activity online, and now is a great time to start getting your job board optimized for people in both of these categories. In order to do this effectively, however, you need to first […]

3 Common Traits the Best Job Search Engines Share

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Running a job board in today’s ever-competitive digital world means paying attention to what successful job boards and job search sites are doing. Failing to keep up with changes and improvements could spell certain death for your own job board as employers, recruiters, advertisers, and job seekers will be more likely to go to your […]

How Successful are Local Job Sites?

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There are a number of local job sites on the Internet. These are sites that only advertise jobs that are within driving distance of a particular geographic location. The idea behind local job sites is that a smaller market is often better. These aren’t websites that receive millions of hits from all over the world […]

Expert Interview with Michael Rosner on Tips for Job Sites


In the world of online job boards, there are sites that serve as a spot to post resumes and browse job openings and then there are sites that go a step or two beyond – offering visitors not only a chance to see openings, but also get training and advice. At OU Jobs, a career […]

How a Better Job Search Engine Might Bring Your Advertisers Better Candidates

You operate a digital newspaper, magazine, or trade publication website. You have invested in a good design, and you regularly study your site’s analytics to determine how to make it better for visitors. Perhaps you’ve determined that you want to develop revenue streams based on a ”freemium” subscription model, an Amazon affiliate program, and a […]