Online vs Offline Marketing: Where’s the Best Return?

Marketing as we know it has changed – forever. When we think about marketing, in the 21st century, we have to alter that thinking a bit. It is no longer a matter of reaching out to the masses in the hopes of appealing to a handful. These days marketing is about connecting and sharing expertise […]

Is Your Email Marketing Game Good Enough?


Email marketing is one of the most powerful, yet vastly underused, marketing tactics at the disposal of business owners, including those in the trade publication industry. Through the use of successful email marketing, trade publishers have the ability to reach potentially thousands of customers at once to announce new products and services, engagement opportunities, and […]

What is Engagement Marketing and How Do I Use It?


Operating a healthcare job board requires finding effective ways to market yourself, both to healthcare companies that are recruiting and top candidates seeking jobs. Engagement marketing is an increasingly popular technique in today’s marketing landscape, as companies seek to find creative ways to meet consumers on their own terms. By speaking directly to their most […]

Expert Interview with Patrick Zeng on Targeted Marketing

targeted marketing

As an advertiser, it can be tempting to follow the logic that the bigger your audience is, the better chance you’ll have of selling your product. But, cautions Patrick Zeng, CEO of YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc., parent company of, when advertisers try to capture a wide range of audiences across different channels, verticals and […]

Digital and TV Advertising Campaigns Work Hand in Hand

TV advertising

Audience engagement is critical at developing the revenue streams necessary to run your website if you’re a digital publisher or media company. It’s the driver behind sustained web traffic and can make the difference in your success with bringing in ad revenue or employer listings on your site’s custom job board. While you may think […]