6 Keys to Adapting Your Newspaper for Mobile Success


If you’ve already tried your hand at a mobile news site, you know one fundamental truth: mobile isn’t just smaller, it’s different. And you haven’t, it’s a good idea to commit it to memory now. A mobile site or app that functions poorly frustrates you and your readers. At least while they stick around. But […]

4 Ways A Mobile Career Site Increases Applicants


Want to reach the most job seekers of all? You’ve got to have a mobile career site. Offering the best experience on one device, particularly a desktop, and then merely making it accessible via mobile does you and your candidates a disservice. Switch that mindset, and you’ll find more people where they spend the most […]

Is Mobile Job Apply for You? Your Candidates Think So


Job candidates are using mobile. Are you? It’s not as basic a question as it seems. Mobile capable and mobile optimized are very different animals. The former is the least that recruiters can offer to candidates. The latter makes searching and applying for jobs with a mobile device as easy as it can be. RELATED: […]

How Mobile Can Make or Break Your Job Board Success Part 2


According to SmartInsights.com, the number of people who access the Internet through a mobile device exceeded desktop access in mid-2013. Ever since then, the gap between mobile and desktop users has continued to widen, and job board owners must learn to adapt if they want to survive. With the world turning more and more to […]

How to Use Mobile App Analytics


Mobile apps are a great way to draw your customers’ online attention into your company’s own dedicated space (and firmly away from that of your competition), while also building brand loyalty and collecting a wealth of data about their preferences, habits and locations. But to enjoy this potential to the fullest, you’ll need to make […]

How Mobile Can Make or Break Your Job Board Success


If you’re like most people, you own and use some form of mobile device. In fact, you may be reading this on a mobile device right now. Smartphones, tablets, and even wearable tech have become standard equipment for people of all ages these days, and this means that job seekers are turning to mobile tech […]

Mobile Usage Now Larger Than Desktop: What Does This Mean For Publishers?


Mobile devices appear to be winning the online engagement war. As reported in a recent article on Marketing Sherpa, mobile email opens recently topped desktop opens, while 49.3 percent of the population makes purchases with their mobile devices (as opposed to a mere 36.6 percent of purchases via desktop computers. With this new trend in […]

This App Might Be a Publisher’s Worst Nightmare


A new app has digital publishers throughout the Internet biting their nails, and not without reason. Eyeo recently announced the beta release of its new version of AdBlock Pro for the Google Android operating system. Let’s examine what this new development might mean for your publication. SEE ALSO: The New Competition for Publishers? Why You […]

Use Social Media to Create a Community For Your Site

Use Social Media to Create a Community For Your Site

Not too long ago it was enough – and sometimes quite profitable – to build a job board and just let the user click away until they find a great match. In the Social Age, however, users expect more; clicking the “Apply Now” button is no longer good enough. They expect to learn, grow and […]

4 Fast Facts About How People are Consuming Mobile Video

4 Fast Facts About How We Watch Video

Mobile video is a worldwide phenomenon, according to a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and On Device Research. The report, entitled “Mobile Video Usage: A Global Perspective,” distributed a 20-question survey among respondents in 24 countries, with 200 mobile device users in each country participating. Let’s look at four fast facts about the findings […]

More People Choosing Smartphones for Their News Consumption


Online publishers are always looking for an edge that will help bring traffic their way, but there is a lot to be said for sticking with the basics as well. The one basic rule that has been part of the publishing industry since it started is that you have to present information in a format […]

What’s Next When Your Mobile Readership Surges?


As a newspaper that’s moving in the 21st century, a spike in your mobile readership is probably one of your top goals. When your readers start to consult your content while on the go, whether from mobile phones or tablets, your brand has recognized a major achievement and reached a significant brand milestone. But a […]

The Lightning Fast Rise of the Mobile-Only Newspaper Audience


In the past, sitting down at the kitchen table or in a recliner in the morning to read the paper was an all-too-common daily ritual for many Americans … then came the Internet. As online technology grew and branched out, it forced news publishers to re-evaluate their print offerings, with many scrambling to learn new […]

Mobile B2B Advertising for Publishers is on the Rise

tablet mobile

It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago the mobile advertising sector basically didn’t exist. Today, mobile is the ad industry’s primary focus, and B2B advertising won’t be left behind. B2B publishers are adapting to the mobile trend by ensuring websites are mobile-optimized so they can take advantage of the monetization opportunities mobile […]

Will 2014 be the Year When Mobile Dominates for Good?

tablet mobile

More than one-quarter of internet access now comes through mobile devices rather than desktop or laptop computers. In decreasing order, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Android tablets, and Blackberry devices are used for internet access on the go because of their convenience and ”untethered” quality. ”Mobile-only” internet users are growing in number as well. A 2012 […]

Tailoring Mobile for Audience Engagement at Different Levels

mobile Audience Engagement

Audience engagement can be tricky with a diverse audience. With digital news, the audience is vast, but how people consume news differs from person to person. Digital news readership is growing, with the month of September 2013 recording 141 million American adults engaging with US newspaper digital content. That number was an 11% increase over […]

How the ‘Age of Impatience’ Could Shape Audience Development in the Future

online audience development

The demand for immediacy is greater than ever because so many people are connected 24/7 through broadband at home and work, and mobile devices. People don’t have time for unnecessary ”friction” between them and the content they want, and when they encounter friction, they’re ready to click the ”Back” button in an instant. Today’s businesses, […]

3 Rules for Mobile Apps for Newspapers

It is not a secret that newspaper readership is trending downward all the time. But somehow, the most prominent papers in the country remain relevant through listening and adapting to what the audience wants, even if it’s unfamiliar territory. One such territory is mobile devices. If you want to reach readers, you’ve got to offer […]