Expert Interview with Paula Gregorowicz on Smart Websites


Paula Gregorowicz has an eclectic resume – from jobs in finance, technology and web development in corporate America to coaching small business owners through the company she founded, The Paula G Company LLC. So she’s familiar with what works and what doesn’t for business owners in a variety of areas – including the best ways […]

Which Niche Industries Need Specialized Job Boards Now?


The buzz is all about niche job boards. The mega job hosting sites have plenty to offer on a grand scale, but niche makes it more personal. The question is, which industries are growing; which have a stronger potential niche market than the others?The best approach is to go straight to the source, and that’s […]

How Your Niche Website Can Lure Visitors from Outside Your Field

Increase niche website traffic

If you’re like most of the owners with a niche website, getting new traffic is probably a challenge. This is especially true when your niche is of interest to only a small group of people. You may have thought about trying to lure visitors from outside your field to help increase your website’s traffic, but […]