Engaging Passive Candidates in Your Recruiting Process

passive candidates

In today’s competitive job market, it is essential for businesses to adopt a proactive approach to their recruitment efforts. One critical aspect of this is to target passive candidates—those who are not actively seeking new job opportunities. By developing a separate recruitment strategy that specifically focuses on engaging more passive individuals, companies can access untapped […]

How AI Will Help You Reach Passive Candidates


If you’re looking to maximize your recruitment efforts to source the best available talent in your industry, you know the top candidates aren’t necessarily the ones who are actively looking for new employment options. Reaching these passive candidates is a challenge that in the past meant spending hours of time, money, and resources.  As the […]

Closing Top Candidates with Multiple Offers

Closing candidates

As a recruiter or hiring manager, there is perhaps nothing more frustrating than extending what you think is a great offer to a top talent candidate, only to have them tell you that they are considering other offers. While you think that this might be a bargaining chip to get you to increase compensation or […]

How Programmatic Advertising is Breaking the Talent Ceiling

Passive candidates

What makes passive candidates so alluring? Passive candidates are those that are successfully employed, which means they are rich in the latest skills and technologies and have a wealth of experience. They are not actively looking for opportunities, which means they are less likely than active candidates to be interviewing with competitors. But they also […]

How to Target Passive Candidates Using Automation

Targeting passive candidates using automation

When it comes to targeting passive candidates for critical roles, programmatic recruitment is helping more recruiters, talent managers, and HR leaders to work efficiently and effectively — freeing up more time to dedicate to strategy and leadership rather than day-to-day routine recruiting tasks. The age-old processes of sourcing, interviewing, vetting, and onboarding talent has become […]

The Insider’s Guide To Passive Candidates [Infographic]


PASSIVE CANDIDATES ARE NOW 85 % OF GLOBAL WORKFORCE There are 5 areas passive candidates might be persuaded by when being approached by another company or recruiter: better pay and favorable circumstances, improved work/life evening out, more open entryways for movement, all the more troublesome work, and better sensibility for capacity set, according to Stacy […]

January 2016 Jobs Report

US Unemployment rate 2006-2016

Generally speaking, the January jobs report is good news. The US economy continued to add jobs and wages went up slightly. These indicate that the economy is continuing to grow, however that growth may be slowing. While there are several indicators that suggest the economy might be slowing, the general feel is that the US […]