Impact Study: Is Your Association Using Social Media The Right Way?

Is Your Association Using Social Media The Right Way

Social media isn’t just for wasting time online anymore. These days, social technologies, including video and other media, are being used by professional associations and organizations to reach out to potential members and retain current members. In fact, a recent study, conducted and published by association management company Kellen, has revealed some surprising news about […]

A Publisher’s Guide to Pinterest Strategy


Pinterest has had an astonishing rise to prominence since it started as a closed beta operation in March 2010. In March 2011, Pinterest launched an iPhone app that proved very popular, and by December 2011 Pinterest was one of the top ten social networking sites. By August 2012, Pinterest was the fourth largest source of […]

How a Newspaper Can Harness the Powers of Pinterest

The power of pinterest

Newspaper headlines are designed to grab a reader’s interest, and make them want to learn more. You catch, or lose, readers in mere seconds, depending on how sticky your headline is. At Pinterest, images replace headlines. So a picture really is worth a thousand words. Social media encompasses a lot more than just Facebook and […]