February 2018 Jobs Report [Infographic]


More good news from the latest jobs report by the U.S. Department of Labor. In February, over 300,000 jobs were added. This is the most since July 2016 and the 89th consecutive month of job gains. The unemployment rate remained at 4.1% for the 17th straight month making the labor market fuller than ever. What […]

Interviewing for Entry-Level Roles: 3 Things Recruiters Should Do


As less-experienced professionals, entry-level candidates may have weaker resumes than their peers, but don’t be too quick to count them out. As a recruiter or HR manager, your interview skills are fundamental to determining which entry-level candidates or interns are the best fit for your company. Interviews with junior-level candidates can often be a little […]

January 2018 Jobs Report [Infographic]


The U.S. Department of Labor’s January 2018 jobs report showed signs of a strong economy-the unemployment rate remained at 4.1% and 200,000 new jobs were created, surpassing economists’ expectations by over 10%. The biggest gain was in average hourly wages, marking a 2.9% annualized gain-the best since 2009.s What does this latest report mean for […]

Should You Ditch the Annual Performance Review?


Most companies have a point during the year in which they formally appraise their employees’ performance and provide feedback to each one. Commonly known as “performance review season,” this can often be a stressful time for workers and tensions can arise between teams and managers. It feels weird to be judged, to have a year’s […]

3 HR Tips for Successful Onboarding

hr tips for onboarding

Savvy recruiters know that sourcing talent is only the beginning of their talent acquisition responsibilities. While employee orientation, training, and onboarding can be costly and negatively impact time-to-hire, it is also an essential aspect of building a high-performing workforce. Time and time again, a practical onboarding strategy has been shown to drive employee engagement and […]

What Talent Acquisition Needs to Know About the Gig Economy


About three decades ago, freelancers and independent contractors made up only a small fraction of the American workforce. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics struggles to count precisely how many Americans work in what’s called the “gig economy,” a 2017 study by global freelancing platform, Upwork estimates that currently, 57.3 Americans engage in some kind […]