How AI Can Help You Hire Better-Quality Candidates


Hiring a new candidate efficiently in a quick and cost-effective way is important, but in the long term, the priority for measuring effectiveness in hiring will be the value the new employee brings to the company-the quality of hire (QoH). This value can appear at first glance to be a combination of intangibles, such as […]

How Hospitals Can Improve Their Quality Of Hire


The more efficiently a hospital runs, the better services it can provide to the public—it seems simple, but anyone in the industry knows it’s a complicated task. Still, it’s worth stating what seems obvious: when the ship runs smoothly and patients receive quality care, metrics like costs, patient satisfaction, and efficiency markers within a hospital […]

Best Practices For High Employee Retention

Best Practices For High Employee Retention

As an HR professional, you know that transition for new hires is a time of great inefficiency. New employees need training and time to adapt to an organization’s culture. When a new employee leaves the organization too soon, this increases inefficiencies within the HR department, who must begin the cycle of candidate engagement, job ads, […]

Why Quality of Hire is The One Metric to Rule Them All


Recruiting professionals and job boards are constantly looking for ways to quantify their work so that others can understand their effectiveness. The best way to measure effectiveness is to create a metric, and the metric that has shot to the top of everyone’s list is the quality of hire metric. Recruiters and job boards have […]