Five Recruiting Mistakes You’re Making Right Now


No matter how tight your hiring strategy is for the year, there’s always the potential for recruiting mistakes or unforeseen challenges. And there is always room for improvement. Let’s look at some of the most common recruiting mistakes, and how to deal. 1. Not Having A Deep Social Recruiting Strategy Social media tends to feel […]

Interviewing for Entry-Level Roles: 3 Things Recruiters Should Do


As less-experienced professionals, entry-level candidates may have weaker resumes than their peers, but don’t be too quick to count them out. As a recruiter or HR manager, your interview skills are fundamental to determining which entry-level candidates or interns are the best fit for your company. Interviews with junior-level candidates can often be a little […]

Recruiters: Help Your Candidates Succeed in Their Interview


Think your job is over once you find great candidates and get them onto the interview track? Some recruiters might look at it that way. But better recruiters know that it benefits everyone concerned if they help their candidates succeed. It’s ultimately the candidate’s job to pull it together for the interview. But you have […]

Sh*t Job Recruiters Say [VIDEO]

Sh*t Job Recruiters Say [VIDEO]

Job Recruiters! Work Hard, Play Hard. Are you willing to take a small step backwards to make a big leap forward? Do you know what Salesforce is? Just some of the good stuff recruiters find themselves saying over and over and over again…Enjoy the rest of this humorous-but-all-to-realistic video. Here are some my favorites: “So […]

3 Habits of the Highly Skilled Recruiter


Some recruiters seem to shine as highly skilled professionals in the industry. They’re the ones with a blistering number of social media followers. They’re the ones writing blog posts that everyone shares. You might think that it’s sheer luck and opportunity, but it’s not. What sets them apart isn’t always the tools in hand, but […]

4 Common Challenges for Recruiters and How to Handle Them


Recruitment challenges pop up routinely, and they typically boil down to finding and keeping the best talent. Maybe the problem is in the process. Outmoded methods and dated technology don’t do anyone any favors. Or maybe your company suffers from a dwindling supply of qualified applicants. A recruiter’s work is truly never done. But with […]

You’ve Got Great Talent, Now Keep It


When you subtract attrition from your new hire rate, the numbers might not be exceptional after all. Hiring a team is only part of the battle. You’ve got to hire the right team, and then you’ve got to keep that great talent. That’s arguably the biggest job you’ve got. Sourcing candidates and candidate retention go […]

Here Is How To Get The Most Out Of Spring Conferences

ERE Recruiting Conference Guide

If there are things that come with Spring, they are flowers blooming, new grads to hire, and industry conferences. This year, the ERE Recruiting Conference in Las Vegas, NV from April 6th-8th will be different than some of its competitors though. For the talent acquisition professional, here is how you can make the most of […]