3 Habits of the Highly Skilled Recruiter

Some recruiters seem to shine as highly skilled professionals in the industry. They’re the ones with a blistering number of social media followers. They’re the ones writing blog posts that everyone shares. You might think that it’s sheer luck and opportunity, but it’s not. What sets them apart isn’t always the tools in hand, but how those tools are used. Here are three ways that you can up your game and be a highly skilled recruiter, too.

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Effective Recruiters Embrace Change

The times are certainly changing. All that you need is to look around to see how different recruitment is from just a few short years ago. How do the most highly skilled recruiters handle it? They embrace change, they don’t hold a grudge against it or wait until there’s no choice but to accept it. And they make it work while keeping true to core values.

“Balance is key,” says Westerly Recruitment Consultants operations manager, Allena Clarke, at LinkedIn. “And being able to adapt to change and evolve as a company, yet still possess old values and ethics” is what makes a recruiter who excels.

Skilled Professionals Don’t Shy From Technology

New technology emerges to make life better, and highly skilled recruiters work with it every day. It’s not developed for the sake of implementing something different. Tech is part of almost everything that you do, even when you don’t think about it. In fact, some of the best tech advances enhance, they don’t overpower, the people who use them.

Recruiterbox says 25 percent of big companies don’t use an applicant tracking system. For the ones that do, working without it is unimaginable. With candidate matching, you’ll wonder how you ever got by before technology automatically sussed out the best candidates for every job requirement. You don’t have to be a tech nerd to embrace technology, just let it do what it does best.

Great recruiters don’t forget about the ones who don’t make the cut.

Communication is a Great Recruiter’s Forte

The great recruiters can hold a good conversation with practically anyone. That’s because they work with such a wide range of individuals with varying degrees of education and a broad spectrum of interests. And because there’s more to communication than words, Recruiterbox says they’re also great at interpreting nonverbal cues.

As much as 77 percent of job applicants have no communication with an employer after applying for a job, according to ERE Media. The great recruiters always follow up, even if it’s with a quick or even generic reply. Communication speaks volumes about the company as a whole, and one applicant’s good (or bad) experience can spread through their professional and social circles.

They’re Amazing Brand Ambassadors

You might think that marketing is best suited to build the company brand and then champion it. But recruiters have a unique opportunity to reach people one-on-one through the whole candidate experience, from the beginnings up through the interview.

HireRight recommends that recruiters “communicate company culture at every opportunity.” That could include extolling the virtues of company perks, and using emails and other communication as opportunities to link to the company blog, social media, website and any other resource that you’ve got.

There’s something to be said for opportunity and resources. Certainly, recruiters with a healthy budget and staff have a leg up from the outset. But every recruiter has the ability to become better.

Maybe you can’t afford the newest technology, and maybe your brand consists of whatever marketing says it is. Just remember, it’s not what you’ve got, but how you use it. As a highly skilled recruiter, you can take a lackluster set of practices and transform them into a full-fledged strategy.

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