How AI Can Help You Hire Better-Quality Candidates


Hiring a new candidate efficiently in a quick and cost-effective way is important, but in the long term, the priority for measuring effectiveness in hiring will be the value the new employee brings to the company-the quality of hire (QoH). This value can appear at first glance to be a combination of intangibles, such as […]

4 Ways to Improve Your On-Demand Hiring Strategy in 2020


In virtually all aspects of our lives, we’ve started to expect to have everything on-demand—information, food, entertainment, you name it. It makes sense that we’d want to have that digital responsiveness available to us professionally, as well. When it comes to hiring and recruiting, many organizations are embracing an “on-demand” model, where talent is sourced […]

What Will Your Talent Acquisition Look Like During an Economic Collapse?


In the world of finance, it’s a well-known fact that stocks rise and fall. Markets fluctuate, and economic booms and downturns are a foregone conclusion. The larger the financial bubble, the bigger the burst. The last three recessions, in the United States, occurred less than a decade apart, in 2007, 2000, and 1990. Based on […]

5 Guaranteed Techniques That Will Improve Your Hiring Process

tips to improve your hiring process

Enterprise hiring can feel like a daunting task for you and your team. You have hundreds if not thousands of jobs to fill, but you can’t seem to zero in on the best candidates. Maybe your process isn’t as streamlined as you may think. Nailing down a process that benefits both you and potential hires […]

Why you should think like a marketer, not a recruiter


Recruiters: Are you looking to take your key performance metrics to the next level and help ensure that you’re maximizing your team’s potential effectiveness? Of course you are—in today’s ultra-competitive job market, candidates have a wealth of work options to choose from—from part-time and freelance jobs to contract work on top of full-time opportunities—and companies […]